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Looking for discreet and business vaporizers? Then the Linx vaporizers are the best choice for you. The vaporizers from Linx are not only beautifully designed to look great on your desk, but are also user-friendly.

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Buy Linx vaporizers online

The Linx pen vaporizers can easily be ordered online in the Netherlands. In our webshop you can find Linx vaporizers that you can get quickly. The faster you order, the faster it will be delivered. You can buy Linx vaporizer online from the comfort of your couch. We bring it neatly to your front door and the vaping can begin. It can be that simple.

The company behind Linx vaporizers

In 2016, the California-based company Linx Vapor was founded. In the years that they exist they have developed strongly and the Linx vaporizers have won various prizes and awards.

The vision behind Linx vaporizers

Because a group of vaporizer users are dissatisfied was about the vaporizers that were on the market, they decided to do something about it themselves. The use of plastic drove them down and especially the fact that the health of the user seemed totally unimportant. That is why the vision arose to build a health awareness, stylish and affordable vaporizer that could deliver good taste. Healthy vaping is therefore very important for all Linx vaporizers and that can be seen.

The prizes that the Linx vaporizers have won

As stated earlier, the Linx vaporizers have also won various prizes since they were launched. For example, they won the following prizes and awards:

  • 2019: Linx Hypnos Zero was named by Herb as" Most affordable extract pen for delivering the purest taste "
  • 2018: Linx Gaia was named" Best luxury cannabis product of 2018 "
  • 2018: Linx Gaia was named" Best Dry Herb Vaporizer for Beginners "by Herb
  • 2018: Linx Gaia was named" 10 best portable vaporizer of 2017 "by High Times
  • 2017: Linx Ares was named" 10 best discrete pin pens and portable evaporators "by Leafly"
  • 2017: High Times Linx Hypnos Zero was named" Best Vape-Pen "
  • 2016: High Times Linx Hypnos Zero was named" Best vaporizer for portability, taste, vapor production and value "
  • 2016: Gizmodo named Linx Hypnos Zero as" Best Vape Pen For Wax "
  • 2016: Vape Critics named Linx Hypnos Zero as" Best vape pen for washing and washing oil concentrates "

  • Order the Linx vaporizers at 24High

    As you can see, you can be sure that you get quality at home with the Linx vaporizer. No plastic vaporizer but just sustainable quality. Order your Linx vaporizer online in our webshop and you can quickly enjoy this fantastic Linx vaporizer.