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The name says it all, Puffco stands for great vaporizers. These small pen vaporizers are all discreet but with great vapor quality. That is why buying Puffco vaporizers is attractive for many people.

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Buy Puffco vaporizers Online

Nowadays you can easily buy the renowned brand Puffcon Vaperizorsin a Dutch webshops. For instance, you can order Puffco vaporizers online without worrying about long delivery times or the fact that your vaporizer will not be delivered because the big distance it must travel. Buy your Puffco vaporizer at 24High and youre sure that your vaporizer will be delivered at bullet speed.

What makes the Puffco vaporizers so special?

The innovative company behind the Puffco vaporizers are specialized in the production of small and discrete vaporizers, like the pen vaporizer. You can bring your Pen Vaporizer everywhere you go because of it slim discrete design. The Puffco vaporizers are therefore suitable for all layers of the population.

Cleaner and healthier vapors with Puffco vaporizers

The cleanest, most powerful and flavorful vapor experience without compromising on quality. That's where Puffco vaporizers revolve around. Puffco can realise this by continuously being a leader in innovation and doing so all in their own home. This way, Puffco vaporizers prevent you from getting adhesives, fibers or chemicals ë N in your airways. A clean and healthy vapor experience. That is of course also the reason that you have chosen to buy a Puffco vaporizer.

The beginnings of Puffco Vaporizers

In 2013, Puffco was founded by CEO Roger Volodarsky. Indeed, he was dissatisfied with what the current industry could offer him. For this he brought together the disciplines of design, technology and engineering to create PUFFCO company and vaporizers.

The mission of Puffco Vaporizers

The fine of concentrates is that it strictly contains the best parts of the plant, no matter what it is that you evaporate. If this is the best of the plant, why would you blur it with other products. Evaporating the most powerful, tasteful and healthy products in the world, preferably in a healthy and perfect vaporizer. That is why the Puffco vaporizer was created. So that you can enjoy the best of the plant without the burden of Chemicals ë N or glue residue.

The development of Vaporizers

Most evaporators use fibrous slits (which gives you a burnt cotton-like flavour), adhesives that hold the bowl or spiral in place (which creates a toxic by-product) and/or plastics used in the air path (also Toxic to products). Therefore, choose a cleaner, safer and flavorful vaporizer. Choose a Puffco vaporizer.

Puffco Vaporizers Awards

It is not for nothing that we offer Puffco vaporizers in our webshop. They are healthy but also very good quality. This is also acknowledged with the awards they win. Below you'll find a list of awards won by Puffco.

  • High Times Best Vaporizer Midwest Cup 2017
  • High Times Best vaporizer Medical Cannabis Social Cup 2016
  • High Times Best Vaporizer Social Cup 2016
  • High Times Best vaporizer Michigan Medical Cannabis Cup 2016
  • High Times Best Vaporizer Norcal Cup 2016
  • High Times Best Vaporizer concentrates Cup 2016
  • High Times Best vaporizer Hempcon Social 2016

Order Puffco vaporizers Online

Ordering Puffco vaporizers you prefer to do online. This way you can better compare the vaporizers and have them quickly in your home. Don't worry about the delivery time, we always deliver fast. The products are expertly packaged and the product is discreetly packaged. No one will know that you have ordered a vaporizer when they look at the box.