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Storz & Bickel

One of the best known brands among the vaporizers is Storz & Bickel. You can also buy the Storz & Bickel vaporizers online in our webshop. These vaporizers are very reliable and therefore very popular.


Buy Storz & Bickel vaporizers online

Due to the high level of quality for years we are proud to present and to offer you Storz & Bickel Vaporizers. These highly reliable vaporizers have been a success for years now and can also be ordered online in the Netherlands. Buy your Storz & Bickel vaporizers online in our webshop.

The company behind the Storz & Bickel vaporizers

Although most vaporizer brands have their head office in America, storz & Bickel Vaporizers is located closer to home. It is located in Germany and is headed by 3 managing Directors, Jürgen Bickel, Pierre Debs and Peter Popplewell.

The emergence of Storz & Bickel vaporizers

already in 1996 Markus Storz started with the development of herbal vaporizers. This granted a patent for a detachable balloon in 1999. This was the Volcano patent. After 4 years, the Volcano vaporizer was finally put on the market. Jürgen Bickel is added to the team in 2002 and the official company Storz & Bickel Vaporizers is created.

The further history of Storz & Bickel vaporizers

the first 110 Volt devices are built for the US market and ensure a rapid rebound. This ensures that in 2005 Storz & Bickel is also situates in America in Oakland California. In 2007, the first electronic vaporizer from Storz & Bickel appears. Groundbreaking is the appearance of the Volcano Medic in 2010. The first certified medical Herbal vaporizer appears on the market.

Various vaporizers are added to the Storz & Bickel assortment

It does not stay here. Storz & Bickel continues and adds various evaporators to its assortment. All of them have one thing in common. The German reliability you are accustomed to can also be found in the Storz & Bickel vaporizers. This is why they are so popular.  

The quality of Storz & Bickel vaporizers

It is not for nothing that storz & Bickel is the market leader in the field of Vaporizers. They are not only the most famous brand in the world, they also continue to develop continuously by researching the best possible experience. All vaporizers are assembled manually and this makes a big difference. Some vaporizer brands let the product produce completely in China and that goes at the cost of the quality.

Order Storz & Bickel Vaporizer Online

You are probably looking for the right vaporizer for your personal needs. That is why Storz & Bickel has brought various vaporizers to the market. All to give you the ultimate vapor experience. So many people, so many desires. Therefore, choose the vaporizer that is right for you. Ordering is easy after making your choice. After completing your online order we package it safely and in an anonymous box. This way your product always arrives quickly and without anyone else knowing what you have ordered. That is privacy as we consider it important.