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Vaporizer Parts - Range

Do you have one or more vaporizers at home? Then it is certainly worthwhile to view the vaporizer accessories. With these accessories you can upgrade your vaporizer to a luxury version but you can also find parts to repair your vaporizer when needed.


Buy vaporizer-accessories online at 24High

In our vaporizer shop, you can not only buy vaporizers, but also order spare parts. These vaporizer-accessories and spare parts will make sure you can enjoy your broken vaporizer to the fullest again. Or turn your vaporizer into a luxury version. You will find everything here to take your vapor experience to the next level.


Broken vaporizer?

Did your vaporizer G-Pen break down? Then don't worry. Many vaporizers come with a manufacturer's warranty. Has the warranty expired? Then you can order spare parts online to make it as good as new again. These spare parts can be found among the vaporizer-accessories.


Upgrade your vaporizer with accessories

Sometimes you buy a standard evaporator and after a certain period of time you want something more or something different. Then you can buy a new one, but you can also choose to upgrade your current Storz & Bickel. Buy accessories to take your vaporizer to the next level. More luxury, more quality and a better vapor experience. It's all possible with vaporizer-accessories.


Spare parts for your vaporizer

Make no mistake, many people lose parts of their vaporizers. Luckily, you can reorder these parts in our webshop. So you don't have to buy a new one right away. Think of screens, filters, gaskets, oil cans, chargers and mouthpieces. This way, you can keep on using your vaporizer for longer and save on the purchase of a new one.

What can you find in the vaporizer-accessories category?

Already have a evaporator you love? Then I recommend you take a look among the vaporizer-accessories. These will help you get the best vapor experience possible. Think new functionalities of your vaporizer, support for concentrates or extra batteries to enjoy your Linx vaporizer for longer.

You can find the following products, among others, in our vaporizer-accessories category.


One of the most ordered vaporizer-accessories is a mouthpiece for a vaporizer. For hygienic reasons or because they often get lost, an extra vaporizer mouthpiece is constantly ordered in our webshop. You can order both the original mouthpieces at 24High and, for example, a glass mouthpiece for your evaporator.

Extra battery

Know that feeling that your Flowermate vaporizer doesn't last long enough? Buy an extra battery for your evaporator online. This prevents you from running out of battery power and not being able to vapor when you want. You can easily take an extra battery with you wherever you go. And for our home users, we also have an extra adapter available when the original is broken or lost. Batteries, USB sticks and adapters are simply included in our vaporizer-accessories.

Order a vaporizer balloon

You can always use some extra balloons for the Storz & Bickel Volcano. That's why you can find these with us as accessories. This way, you never have to worry, and you can always buy new balloons online for your vaporizer.

Screens and filters

When you use a evaporator, you want the best possible experience. You want all the goodness of the plant and herb with as little junk as possible. That means using good filters or screens. These can make the flavor so much more pleasant and also contribute to the health of your vaporizer. And let's face it, that's why you started vaping. Therefore, change the screens and filters of your evaporator regularly.

Brush for cleaning your vaporizer

Most vaporizers come with a brush. This way, you can maintain them properly, and they will last longer. Of course, it is not a disposable product. However, I can tell you from personal experience that brushes always disappear. Those things just get legs. That's why it's nice that you can buy brushes to keep your evaporator in top condition. An accessory no user can do without.


Order your vaporizer-accessories online

Ordering new parts for your Boundless vaporizer can be done online with peace of mind. Always many accessories in stock and quickly delivered to your home. So you can quickly repair your evaporator, upgrade it to the next level or simply replace lost parts. So always order your vaporizer accessories at 24High in the vaporizershop.