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Top 10 Vaporizer


24High Top-10 vaporizer shop

Our Top-10 vaporizer shop items is a compilation of products that are widely sold. So the Top-10 are our guests' favorite vaporizers. We sell portable, pen, table, wax, flame and Disposable vaporizers. Of course, we also offer accessories and spare parts in case your vaporizer breaks down. Each type of vaporizer is suitable for a particular purpose. For example, you cannot use wax in a normal vaporizer. We offer the following brands: Boundless, DaVinci, Flowermate, Gpen, Herborizer, Linx, Storz & Bickel and Tsunami.

What different types of vaporizers do we sell in our vaporizershop?

As you've read above, we've talked about different types of evaporators. But which vaporizer is suitable to take with you on the road? Or which vaporizer is now suitable for vaping wax/wax-like substances? Below, we will briefly explain:

Pen - Top 10

Are you looking for a vaporizer that can vape small amounts of herbs and is hardly noticeable? Then the pen evaporator is the right choice for you! These discreet pen vaporizers are also a lot cheaper than many other vaporizers.

Portable - Top 10

Portable vaporizers have a larger convection space. This means you can place more herbs in the evaporator than with a pen vaporizer. Moreover, these vaporizers are also not on the large size, making them convenient on transportation as well.

Home - Top 10

Home or desktop vaporizers are too big to carry around and often work with a plug. These are highest quality evaporators and often many times more expensive than other vaporizers. Home vaporizers are a real treat if you want to use these at home with a larger group.

Flame - Top 10

Flame vaporizers are very narrow vaporizers that are somewhat similar to pen vaporizers. The difference is in the combustion. With a flame vaporizer, you burn the herbs with a flame. You simply hold a flame at the end of the vaporizer and take a hit at the other end. This vaporizer does not possess a battery like the other evaporators.

Wax - Top 10

Wax vaporizers can vape liquid substances. These are specially designed for this purpose. We advise not to burn wax-like substances in a normal evaporator, because otherwise your entire combustion chamber will be covered in sticky wax and difficult to clean. So this can destroy your evaporator.

Disposable Vapes - Top 10

The word says it all, disposable vapes. The disposable vapes contain HHC or CBD. CBD vapes are banned in the Netherlands. Looking for a ready-made vape? Then go for the HHC vapes.

Which different brands do we offer?

We only offer evaporators of the highest quality, such as Storz & Bickel, for example. We have made a selection of what we think are top vaporizers for an attractive price. If you don't want to spend too much money, choose a vaporizer from the Boundless or Flowermate brand. Of course, any value for money and vaporizers from the GPen brand, although slightly more expensive than Boundless or Flowermate, will certainly not disappoint you! Besides the original vaporizers, we also offer Herborizers. These are more complicated to use and incredibly pricey, but are definitely unique and awesome. If you are looking for a simple vaporizer without batteries and smart in appearance, go for the DynaVap vaporizers from.

Buy easily a vaporizer from our Top-10 vaporizer shop!

We understand that you might be struggling to pick the right vaporizer or herborizer as there are so many different types. We are here to help you make the right choice. Do you have any questions about any of these items? Then feel free to contact us at: