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G-Pen are powerful portable vaporizers

G-Pen creates vaporizers with innovative technology! We offer fife vaporizers from this brand. These are the G-Pen Elite II, Pro,  Dr Greenthumb's x G Pen Micro+, Micro+, Lemonnade x G Pen Micro+. This range we offer are all portable and compact vaporizers. G-Pen is a brand eagerly used by rappers in America. Action Bronson is a rapper from New York and is co-owner of G-Pen.

G-Pen vaporizer Elite State of the Art!

Grenco Science is proud to introduce the long-awaited release of the G-Pen Elite. This is not a desktop vaporizer, but one you can easily take with you. In honour of Grenco Science's 10th anniversary, the Elite II has been designed. The G Pen Elite II has a dual-heater and a colour display for clear and easy use. In addition to that, there is also a built-in picking tool. You can use this to divide your herbs, clean etc. No other vaporizer on the market has this!

Vaporizer easy to maintain

Despite the sturdiness and strength of the materials G-Pen uses for its vaporizers, they do occasionally break down. But don't be alarmed! G Pen vaporizers offer a wide range of parts and accessories for your vaporizer. Should a part break or get worn out, you can easily order it separately. So you are not stuck with an expensive repair or a lengthy warranty case. With this, this company leads the way when it comes to user-friendly products!

Buy a G-Pen vaporizer and support a good cause

G-Pen vaporizers like to give something back to society. Part of the purchase is donated to non-profit organisations for a good cause. With this, you too support one of these causes when you buy a vaporizer. This company wants to share its success with those less fortunate. Do you have questions about a flame, wax or disposable vaporizer and which one suits you best? Then contact us at We will help you make the right choice. Once ordered, we will send you goods with a track and trace after receiving payment.