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Wax Vaporizers

Do you want to buy a wax vaporizer? Then you are at the right place. We offer various high-quality wax vaporizers. Easy to order and delivered quickly.


What is a wax-vaporizer?

Wax-vaporizers heat wax or concentrates with a conduction or convection system. The wax or concentrate can contain various herbs. A commonly used concentrate is cannabis. This wax is placed on the coil and heated with a wax-vaporizer. As the coil heats up, a vapor is created from the cannabis concentrate or wax. The vapor can then be easily inhaled by the user.


Which vaporizers can be used to vape wax?

Wax-vaporizers are also called wax pens. These are small vaporizers that are often the size of a pen. However, there are also larger-sized vaporizers that use wax. In fact, there are wax-vaporizers in the form of portable and desktop vaporizers. Inform yourself well not, any desktop or portable vaporizer is suitable for wax.


What are vaporizers made of?

Vaporizers not only come in different shapes, but also made of different materials. Thus, we also offer portable or flame vaporizers. The coil, for instance, is very important. This is where you place the wax, in, and thus are in direct contact with the vapors you end up inhaling. Fortunately, these are of the highest possible quality to keep the flavor pure. Thus, they are available with coils such as the dual rod quart, ceramic coils or titanium coils.


Vaporizers don't produce smoke but vapor

With a wax-vaporizer, you produce vapor and not smoke. This is an important difference. With this vaporizer, you create a light vapor using a convection heating method. This makes it ideal when you want to vapor discreetly.


Which concentrates can be used with a wax-vaporizer?

Besides cannabis concentrates, you can also vape other substances. Some vaporizers even allow you to vape dry herbs, waxy oils or resin.


How does a wax-vaporizer work?

Like these, most vaporizers are powered by a battery. The exception to the rule is the flame vaporizer. It usually has more than one setting, which allows the user to set the battery to create a vapor from the marijuana wax so that it can be inhaled. You simply press the battery button to light the coil and heat the product to create vapor. You can inhale the vapor through the mouthpiece of the wax vaporizer.


The difference between a wax and other vaporizers

Many vaporizers work with oils. Wax-vaporizers do not work with oils, but with waxy substances, or in other words wax. This is the main distinction between this vaporizer and other herbal pen vaporizers. When it comes to using the vaporizer, there is another difference. With vaporizers that use oils, you get to deal with ready-made refills. With wax-vaporizers, this is different. You place the wax on top of the coil and that makes for a bit more room for you to mess. After all, it is not packaged ready-to-use. With that, you also have to take into account the coils you need to replace every now and then.


Maintaining a wax-vaporizer

To keep your wax-vaporizer in good condition, you should regularly clean it thoroughly. Even when you are careful, there is a chance that wax will stick to your vaporizer in various places. Therefore, clean your vaporizer regularly with a cloth and isopropyl alcohol of 95% or higher.


Buy a wax vaporizer

Buying a wax-vaporizer is easy, quick and discreet online. In our vaporizershop, we have several vaporizers that we offer at competitive prices. When you have chosen your new wax-vaporizer, we will ship it to you very quickly.