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Wax Vaporizers

Do you want to buy a wax vaporizer? Then you are at the right place. We offer various high-quality wax vaporizers. Easy to order and delivered quickly.


What is a wax vaporizer?

Wax vaporizers heat wax or was concentrates with a conduction or convection system. The wax or concentrate can contain several herbs. A widely used concentrate is cannabis. This wax can be put on the coil and heat with a wax vaporizer. As the coil heats up, a vapor emerges from the cannabis concentrate or wax. The vapor can then be easily inhaled by the user.

What forms of wax vaporizers are there?

Wax vaporizers are often called wax pens or wax vaporizer pens. The wax vaporizer pen is a small vaporizer that is often the size of a pen. However, there are also larger formats vaporizers that use wax. There are wax vaporizers in the form of portable and desktop vaporizers.

The material of which wax vaporizers are made off

Wax vaporizers are not only available in different shapes but also made of different material. For example, the coil is very important. Here you place the wax, or wax, and are thus directly in contact with the fumes you eventually breathe in. Fortunately, these are of the highest possible quality to keep the taste clean. For example, wax vaporizers are available with coils such as the dual rod quart, ceramic coils or titanium coils.

Wax or dab vaporizers produce no smoke but vapor

Wax vaporizers produce your vapor and no smoke. This is an important difference. With a wax vaporizer you create a light vapor with a convection heating method. This makes this ideal when you want to fume discreetly

What wax concentrates can you use with a wax vaporizer?

The wax vaporizers can contain other substances in addition to cannabis concentrates. With some you can use dry herbs, waxy oils or resin. 

How does a wax or dab vaporizer works?

A wax vaporizer is usually powered by a battery. The battery usually has more than one setting, which allows the user to set the battery to create a vapor from the marijuana wax so that it can be inhaled. You can easily press the battery button to light the coil and heat the product so that vapour is created. The vapor can be inhaled via the mouthpiece of the wax vaporizer.

The difference between a wax(dab) vaporizer and other vaporizers

Many vaporizers work based on oils. Wax vaporizers do not work with oils but with waxy substances, or otherwise wax. This is the main distinction between the wax vaporizer and other vaporizers. When using the vaporizer, there is still a difference. With vaporizers using oils, you'll be dealing with ready-made fillings. With wax vaporizers, this is different. The wax puts you on the coil and that makes sure there's some more space you're messing around. After all, it is not ready-made packed. You should also take into account the coils you have to replace every now and then with a wax vaporizer.

The maintenance of a wax vaporizer

To keep your wax(dab) vaporizer in good condition, you should therefore clean them thoroughly regularly. Even when you're careful, you'll have a chance that wax will stick to your wax vaporizer in different places. Therefore, clean your wax vaporizer regularly with a cloth and isopropyl alcohol of 95% or higher.

Buying a wax vaporizer

Buying a wax vaporizer you do simple, fast and discreetly online. In our webshop we have various wax vaporizers that we offer at a competitive price. When you have made the choice for your new wax vaporizer, we send it to you at lightning speed.