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Flame Vaporizer

Are you also baffled that your vaporizer's batteries are emptying so fast? Then choose a flame vaporizer. These are battery-less vaporizers that will make your life as a vaper a lot easier.


What is a flame vaporizer?

Flame vaporizers, or flame-heated portable vaporizers, work without batteries. Vaporization is done with the help of a flame. This is the heat source that makes vaping possible. So you no longer need an electric or battery-driven ignition. You cannot set the combustion temperature with this product. Looking for this? Then check out our portable or desktop vaporizers' category.


How does a flame vaporizer work?

In other vaporizers, heating is caused by electric ignition. With this vaporizer, however, this is not the case. There, we use a flame for heating. However, you want to avoid burning. Therefore, you only heat the material of the vaporizer. You do this with a (torch) lighter. The hot air flows past the herbs and vaporizing can begin. However, use the right technique to prevent the herbs from burning.

Advantages of flame vaporizers

There are actually three major advantages of choosing this vaporizer over a wax or other battery or power vaporizer. The most obvious one is that your battery never runs out. After all, you don't use one. So you can enjoy your vaporizer indefinitely as long as you have a lighter to hand. The second is that the taste is excellent. After all, you don't use an electric ignition and flame vaporizers are not made of plastic. That's why they give you a delicious and intense taste. The last is the cost picture. The purchase price of this product is often lower than that of another type of vaporizer, such as a pen or portable.


Buy your vaporizers online

Do you prefer the combination of plant-based herbs like weed, with the heating via a flame as intended? Then opt for a flame vaporizer. Buy these online here in the 24High webshop. Discover the benefits of ordering from 24High vaporizershop with the fast delivery times we offer and discreet shipping. Do you have any questions about this product? If so, please contact us. We will inform you as best we can, so you can make the right choice.