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Pen Vaporizers

Pen vaporizers are small and discreet vaporizers. That is why they are loved by vapers. In addition, they are often cheaper than desktop vaporizers. We offer a wide range of pen vaporizers. Buy your pen vaporizer online in our webshop.


What is a pen vaporizer?

Vaporizers allow you to inhale herbs and oils as the vaporizer vaporizes them. The name pen vaporizer comes from the design of this product. These are small in size and bear great resemblance to a traditional fountain pen in terms of shape. Hence, they bear the name pen vaporizer.


What do you use a pen vaporizer for?

Pen vaporizers allow you to vaporize herbal concentrates and oils in most cases. A vaporizer is known for vaporizing substances for inhalation. These can be essential oils or herbal concentrates like cannabis, tobacco or other herbal blends.


Advantages of pen vaporizers

A pen vaporizer is small in size and therefore easy to carry around. For example, they are easy to take with you when travelling or when moving around within your city. With that, they are also discreet. This is why they are so popular, small and discreet. Another advantage of pen vaporizers is that they are often a lot cheaper to buy than other vaporizers.


Can you get stoned from using a vaporizer?

When you vaporize marijuana, with a table or other vaporizer, you can get much higher than when you simply smoke it. At least that has been scientifically proven. Scientists have proven that inhaling vaporized marijuana will make you much stonier than smoking the exact same amount of weed.

The advantage of using a vaporizer?

Because there is no burning of tar or ash when vaping, vaping is believed to be healthier than smoking. It is said to be better for oral health, skin health, circulation, lung capacity and improved sense of smell and taste than smoking, say, a cigarette.


How do I start vaping?

If you have never used a wax or flame vaporizer before, then you might not think about it so quickly, but you can use the vaporizer in several ways. You can use it like you smoke a cigarette. You take a puff from the vaporizer, the vapor enters your mouth, and you inhale it over your lungs, after which you blow out the vapor. However, you can also choose to let the vapor find its way directly into your lungs. This produces much larger clouds of smoke when exhaling. This is therefore stronger and thus not suitable for a novice vapor.


Vaporizers for user-friendliness

Choose the quality of 24High pen vaporizers, and you won't be disappointed. The vape pens we sell are of high quality in both use and design. The performance has been tested and found to be second to none. In addition, the durability of our vape pens has also been considered so that you can enjoy your pen vaporizer for a long time. Choose quality and order your pen or flame vaporizer from 24High in the webshop.


Buy vaporizers online

Buying a pen vaporizer is easy on the internet nowadays. Order your vape pen online in our webshop. Our vape pens are of the highest possible quality and have a long battery life. Order it today and we will ship it immediately.