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Portable Vaporizers

Buy your portable vaporizer online and enjoy vaping as is meant to be. Order your portable vaporizer today and you'll have it at home at lightning speed.


Advantages of portable vaporizers

It's the portable vaporizer that gives you the freedom and ability to vape wherever you want. These portable vaporizers can be easily charged with the supplied charger. This allows you to always enjoy your portable vaporizer with a full battery. Whether you're at a festival or in the car or on holiday.

Portable vaporizers versus pen vaporizers

The difference between a portable vaporizer and a pen vaporizer is that a portable vaporizer often offers more options. For example, pen vaporizers often do not allow you to set the temperature of your vaporizer. With a portable vaporizer, this is possible. This allows you to set the optimal evaporation temperature for your herbs. 

Portable vaporizer versus flame vaporizers

The smart design also makes flame vaporizers ideal to take with you. However, there is an important difference with portable vaporizers. This is also in this case the control of the evaporation temperature. This allows to enjoy vaping herbs at the perfect temperature. Incineration would be a sin. With an electric portable vaporizer, you can regulate this. With a flame vaporizer, this is a lot harder

Why a portable vaporizer?

The longer you're away from home, the wiser the choice for a portable vaporizer is. When you're often away from home for a long time, the choice for a portable vaporizer makes more sense. A pen vaporizer has only a limited battery life. That of a portable vaporizer is a lot longer. In addition, the portable vaporizer has a larger filling capacity (herbal chamber) that allows your vape sessions to last longer than a pen vaporizer. This allows you to enjoy the vaping longer when you're on the go.

Buying a portable vaporizer online

The Internet often offers you more affordable products than stores. Therefore, buy your portable vaporizer online. In our wide range you will find that perfect portable vaporizer that suits you the best. Maybe a vaporizer with Bluetooth? Or a vaporizer with interchangeable battery? You can buy it all with us. Order your portable vaporizer today and you will soon enjoy your new purchase.