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What is a vaporizer?

A vaporizer is a kind of small furnace that only evaporates the active substances (THC, CBD, etc) and does not burn the plant material which is also very unhealthy for you. The ideal temperature to evaporate these substances lies between 157 º C and 226 º C. With the use of a vaporizer you do not get any amounts of unhealthy, toxic substances, including tar and nitrogen oxide inside. In other words: Vaporizing is the healthy way to get High!

Now a days Vaporizers are getting more common in our society. Not crazy too because they are a healthy (there) alternative to smoking. For the weed smokers, it's a godsend, because in this way you don't need cigarettes anymore to get High.The vaporizers are like the electric cigarette. They are small devices in which you can smoke THC or CBD. Or better said can vape. You don't burn the content but you evaporates it. For instance, there are weed vaporizers and hash vaporizers that can help you get the best experience. And you take them easily with the portable vaporizers.

Different types of vaporizers

In principle there are only two types of vaporizers. You have a portable vaporizer and a desktop vaporizer. The portable vaporizer can easily be taken with you outdoors. The desktop vaporizer is a bit bigger, heavier and runs on electricity. This makes it difficult to bring it a long.

Portable Vaporizer

The portable vaporizer works on a battery that you can charge up easy. These portable vaporizers are compact and easy to bring with you where ever you go.
This way you can evaporate tobacco or weed everywhere you go. Available at our Vaporizer shop: CRAFTY , MIGHTY , CRAFTY , TSUNAMI HIGH WAVE , TSUNAMI F3 ,  FLOWERMATE V50S MINI , FLOWERMATE NANO ,  DAVINCI IQ , BOUNDLESS CFV

The desktop Vaporizer

This is a real home social Vaporizer.  It has a lot more power so you can keep a longer vapor session. It gives a stable and stronger evaporation of the weed or tobacco. Available at our Vaporizer shop: STORZ&BICKEL

Pen Vaporizers

In addition, you also have pen vaporizers. These are the smallest and most discreet vaporizers out there. They make it very easy to carry with you and they do not fall. Available at our Vaporizer shop: FLOWERMATE AURA

What do you use Vaporizers for?

With Vaporizers you can evaporate different herbs. This can be anything. For example, also think of lavender, thyme or eucalyptus. Yet the vaporizers are best known for evaporating tobacco. In addition, you can also evaporate CBD, weed and hashish with your vaporizer.

CBD Oil Vaporizers

  • As mentioned, you can use CBD using a vaporizer. This will speed up the CBD in your bloodstream and thus feel the effects faster. You can use CBD oil or CBD crystals in most vaporizer. Not every vaporizer is suitable for evaporating CBD.

Weed Vaporizers

  • The emergence of the vaporizer for weed is no surprise. Indeed, many stoners are not addicted to cigarettes. Rather they want to rid of the nicotine and the tar from the tobacco so you can enjoy vaping your cannabis in a healthier way.

Hashish Vaporizers

  • Hashish can also be evaporated with a vaporizer. However, not every vaporizer is suitable for evaporating hashish. Hashish can permanently damage the vaporizer if it is not made for this. Hashish vaporizers are resistant to this.

Ordering Vaporizers @24High Vaporizershop

You can are order vaporizers in the 24High vaporizer shop. Each vaporizer is of the highest quality but there is certainly a difference in price and the possibilities of the vaporizer. Therefore, choose the right vaporizer before ordering. We would like to answer any questions you might have about our vaporizers.