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A vaporizer is a kind of small oven that vaporizes only the active substances (THC, CBD, etc) and does not burn the plant material, which is also very unhealthy for you. The ideal temperature to vaporize these substances is between 157 ºC and 226 ºC. So by using a vaporizer, you do not ingest amounts of unhealthy, toxic substances, including tar and nitrous oxide. In other words: Vaping is the healthy way to get High!

Vaporizers are increasingly common on the streets. Not surprisingly, because they are a healthy alternative to smoking. For cannabis users it is a godsend, because this way you no longer need cigarettes to smoke. Vaporizers are similar to an electric cigarette. They are small devices in which you can smoke THC or CBD. Or rather, you can vape. You don't burn the content, but vaporize it. Thus, there are cannabis and wax vaporizers that can help you get the best experience. In our blog, you can read when you need to change the weed or any other herb in your vaporizer.


There are basically only 5 types of vaporizers. You have a portable, desktop, flame, wax, and liquid vaporizer. The portable vaporizer you can easily take with you when you go out. The desktop vaporizer is a bit bigger, heavier and runs on electricity. This makes it laborious to take it on the road. The liquid is for liquid substances and the wax for waxy substances.


The portable vaporizers are called portable-vaporizers. These vaporizers run on a battery or battery, so you can use your vaporizer on the go. So you can use these anytime and anywhere to vaporize tobacco or weed. Here are some portable vaporizers we offer: CRAFTY, MIGHTY, TSUNAMI HIGH WAVE, TSUNAMI F3, FLOWERMATE V50S MINI, FLOWERMATE NANO,


The desktop vaporizer is not for taking on the road. You use this one at home. Clumsy you might think, but for an evening at home with friends, it is ideal. It has much more power so you can have a longer vapour session. In the process, it gives a stable and stronger vaporization of the weed or tobacco. Available here the high-quality desktop-vaporizer: STORZ&BICKEL


You also have pen vaporizers. These are the very smallest and discreet vaporizers available. They make it very easy to carry with you, and they don't stand out. Available here pen-vaporizers: FLOWERMATE AURA , BOUNDLESS CFC, DR. DABBER, TYPHOON, STORM, LOKI TOUCH.


Flame vaporizers heat yourself by using a flame. No complicated electronic devices to vape your THC or CBD. The Vapcap vaporizers are unique and cannot be broken. Simply hold the flame of a lighter against the end of the flame vaporizer.


A wax vaporizer is not a vaporizer that you can also put oils in. The wax vaporizer is only intended for waxy substances. You place the wax in the combustion chamber on the coil. A wax-vaporizer gets dirty quickly because of the sticky substances of the wax. You will have to clean this device more often than with a herbal vaporizer. THC waxes are hugely potent and can only be used with wax-compatible devices.

Vaping CBD with Vaporizers

As mentioned, you can use CBD using a vaporizer. With this, the CBD is absorbed into your bloodstream faster, and thus you feel the effects faster. To use CBD via vaporizers, use CBD oil or CBD crystals. Please note that not every vaporizer is suitable for vaporizing CBD.


We offer many accessories for smoking your herbs with a vaporizer. If your vaporizer breaks down, we may well have a new part for it. It is of course a shame if you buy an expensive device, break down, and you would not be able to repair it. For this reason, we have created a category for parts.


With vaporizers, you can vaporize various herbs. This can be anything. Think lavender, thyme or eucalyptus, for instance. Still, herbal vaporizers are most familiar with vaporizing different herbs. In addition, you can also vaporize CBD, weed and hash with your vaporizer.


The rise of the vaporizer for weed is no surprise. After all, many blowers are not addicted to cigarettes. Rather, they want to get rid of the nicotine and tar from tobacco. With weed vaporizers, you can get rid of these and so you can take in the THC from the cannabis plant in a healthier way.


You can also vaporize hashish with a vaporizer. However, not every device is suitable for vaporizing hash. Hash can permanently damage the vaporizer. If you want to smoke hash, we advise you to inform yourself whether this is possible with the particular type of vaporizer you wish to purchase.


Ordering vaporizers is done in the 24High Vaporizer shop. Each vaporizer is of the highest quality, but there is definitely a difference in price and capabilities of the device. So choose the right vaporizer before you order it. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our vaporizers.