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Suplements & Vitamins

Daily nutrition is not enough for many people. That is why many supplement this with supplements and vitamins. These ensure that you receive the substances that you need. Order your nutritional supplements and vitamins now easily online at 24High.


Meer artikelen laden

Meer artikelen laden

Buy supplements and vitamins online at 24High.

Replenishing the nutrients you need to feel good and healthy is the right solution for many people. You can achieve this with supplements and vitamins. That is why more and more people are buying nutritional supplements. Whether it's medicinal mushroom extracts, herbal capsules, vitamin powders or a healthy tea. Buy your supplements online now!

Which supplements or vitamins do I need

At 24High we sell supplements and vitamins in our webshop that provide your body with the right nutrients. These are vitamins and minerals that your body needs. These are supplements such as medicinal mushrooms, hemp oil, wheat germ, 5-HTP and L-Tryptophan. Medicinal mushrooms contain many healthy substances with a rich history of medicinal use in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). We also offer vitamin B or other vitamins. Supplements and vitamins will help you achieve your desired health.

Medicinal mushroom supplements

Perhaps the most impressive supplement, the medicinal mushrooms! Medicinal mushrooms contain countless benefits for mental and physical health. We sell medicinal mushroom extracts in powder form (capsules) and in liquid form of the brands Foodsporen and McMyco. Both are experts and work with a team of mycologists to ensure quality. In total, we offer 6 different types of medicinal mushroom species, one of which is a mix of the five. Here are the five medicinal mushroom supplements: Reishi, Lion's Mane, Cordyceps, Turkey Tail and the Chaga. They have known for thousands of years that these medicinal mushrooms have a powerful effect on body and mind, especially in Asia. In the TCM, the effect of most of these medicinal mushrooms is recorded as a powerful natural supplement that can be used preventively and curatively against annoying ailments.

Advantages of medicinal mushroom supplements for body and mind

All medicinal mushrooms we offer support the immune system in any case. We will briefly explain these unique medicinal mushrooms below:

Reishi medicinal mushroom supplements

  • The Reishi medicinal mushroom contains a high concentration of Beta-glucans. Many animal experiments have shown that beta-glucans play an essential role in destroying cancer cells. In addition, preventive use of the Reishi medicinal mushrooms found positive in the prevention of various cancers.

Lion's Mane medicinal mushroom supplements

  • Lion's Mane may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, may reduce anxiety and depression. The medicinal mushroom Lion's Mane contains Neurotrophin which plays a necessary role in protecting and supporting nerve cells leading to cognitive and mental clarity.

Cordyceps medicinal mushroom supplements

  • This caterpillar killer contains many medicinal healthy substances. The Cordyceps contains no less than 9 different types of amino acids. In addition, the medicinal Cordyceps is rich in vitamins B1, B2, B12, E and K. With preventive use of the Cordyceps strengthen the immune system, reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and some cancers.

Turkey Tail medicinal mushroom supplements

  • This Turkey Tail or Elf Bench has been used for its unique medicinal health benefits for over millennia, years ago. The Turkey Tail contains beta-glucans, improves resistance, digestion and contains strong antiviral properties.

Chaga medicinal mushroom supplements

  • The Chaga occurs naturally in mainly countries with a colder climate. The medicinal Chaga thrives in countries such as Russia, North America and Northern Europe. Chaga extracts are often used for its tumor-inhibiting, antioxidant, liver-protective and anti-inflammatory properties.

Feel happier with supplements and vitamins

One of the supplements that you can buy in our webshop is 5-HTP. This helps you make more serotonin. Serotonin is important for feeling happier and happier. This helps, for example, against depressive feelings. This also applies to the L-Tryptophan supplement.

Omega-3 fatty acids supplements

You've probably heard it before: Eat oily fish twice a week, or eat walnuts regularly. These are all important nutrients. That is why many people also take fish oil. However, did you know that you can also achieve this by using hemp oil supplements? Hemp oil not only helps you with Omega-3 fatty acids, but also Omega-6 and Omega-9. It's all about the balance between these fatty acids, and hemp oil is very well-balanced.

Higher chance to get pregnant with supplements and vitamins

Want to bring a healthy baby into the world? Then a healthy pregnancy is important. That is why you choose to pay close attention to your nutrition, vitamins and minerals during your pregnancy. You probably also take folic acid as a supplement. With wheat germ, your baby gets extra vitamin E and proteins. But also when you want to get pregnant, wheat germ supplements can help you get pregnant. It can help against slow sperm in men.

Relax with supplements and vitamins

Would you like to feel more relaxation in your body? Sleep better and be more rested? Then the Hop & Valerian supplements are sure to help you. These ensure that you can fully relax even when you are stressed.

A better tan in the sun with vitamins

Would you like to come back from holiday with a beautifully tanned skin? Or get the most out of your sunbed visit? Then the carrot oil supplement might be for you. This helps you to a healthy skin that also produces better tanning of the skin.

A better concentration with supplements and vitamins

Would you like to concentrate better? Do you want to perform better at work or at school? Then it's Ginseng supplement the right choice for you. Your memory works better and you can concentrate longer. Not only that, it also gives you a lot more energy. You could also use vitamins like B to improve concentration.

The benefits of supplements and vitamins are unprecedented

As you can see, there are many benefits to be gained from the supplements and nutrition that you take. In principle, you would not need supplements or vitamins if you were to get all the nutrients from your diet. If this does not work, there are supplements and vitamins that supplement these deficiencies. Ultimately, the functioning of your body and mind often revolves around the building materials that you get from food. Supplement the missing nutrients with supplements and vitamins and get the most out of your life.

Supplements and vitamins that give you energy

The problem is that there is no ideal mix of vitamins and minerals that applies to everyone. You will have to ask yourself where your needs lie and where your shortcomings are. Do you notice that you are tired and want more energy? Then choose ginseng supplements or vitamins such as C. Do you notice that you do not eat well? Can't you relax and do you have trouble falling asleep? Then choose for example a Valerian supplement. A deficiency in essential vitamins can be detrimental to health.

Where to buy supplements and vitamins

You know it, you are busy and in a hurry. You hardly have time to go shopping. That is why you can order your supplements or vitamins online, even late at night. We will then deliver them to your home within the delivery days indicated on the website. We ship all our orders discreetly packaged.