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Buying kratom is becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands. Kratom is a plant that is also called Mitragyna speciosa. Other names for kratom are kratum, korth and ketum. Kratom gives you a euphoric feeling and is now also available online in our webshop.


Meer artikelen laden

Meer artikelen laden

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) buy online

Although kratom is becoming more and more popular in the Netherlands, you can't buy it everywhere yet. Fortunately, you can buy this herb online in our webshop. So it does not matter where you live in the Netherlands. This particular recreational drug is accessible to everyone as it is completely legal. Order Mitragyna speciosa or other herbs online now, and we will ship it directly to your address in discreet packaging.

What are the effects of kratom?

Mitragyna speciosa gives a euphoric feeling at lower doses. At higher doses, it is analgesic. If you are looking for other effects, try hallucinogenic herbs. It gives you energy and makes you happy. It also helps to be less anxious. Anxieties are of course very annoying and kratom is therefore pleasant for many. It has a positive influence on your brain activities.

The history of kratom

Kratom is native to the rainforests of Southeast Asia. This plant is mainly found in Thailand, Malaysia, and Borneo. It was used in the past for medicinal purposes but also in the workplace. For example, many Thai workers and farmers chew the leaves to be more active, energetic and cheerful at work. It's hard work, of course. Mitragyna speciosa actually helped them through the day. Kratom is also used to kick the habit of heavier drugs.

How to use kratom?

To enjoy the euphoric effect of kratom, you can use it in three ways. For example, you can choose to chew the leaves like the Thai workers. You can also smoke Mitragyna speciosa, but in the Netherlands tea is usually made from the leaves. Of course, we Dutch are a fan of experimenting, and so you can now also use this plant in a smoothie or a milkshake. This is easiest if you opt for the powder form.

Even Mitragyna speciosa drops are now available for easy mixing with, for example, coffee or to place under your tongue. Since convenience serves people, capsules can also be ordered today.

What does kratom actually consist of?

Kratom is not just a drug. It is a product that contains alkaloids. Mitragynine is one of these alkaloids. The mitragynine affects your brain receptors and thus improves your mood and reduces the effect of fears. The big difference with heavier drugs is that Mitragyna speciosa is much less or not addictive. Hence, it is also used to achieve better results in drug addiction. By the way, we advise you not to use kratom on a daily basis. This is related to the build-up of intolerance and therefore the increase in the dose.

Kratom can help with depression

In 1999, the director of the National Institute of Thai Traditional Medicine in Bangkok, Pennapa Sapcharoen, indicated that Mitragyna speciosa can be used against depression. According to him, patients with depression would benefit from the use of kratom. He did, however, immediately indicate that further research is needed to investigate the effects of this plant on long-term use. In addition to kratom, kanna also properties that can help with depression. These herbs can influence the mood towards the positive. 

Different types of kratom

When you decide to buy Mitragyna speciosa, you are faced with the choice between 3 different types of kratom. Fortunately, these are fairly easy to distinguish from each other. This is done based on color. This has to do with the color of the stem and the veins of the leaf. These can be red, green and white. Each of these has its own effects.

Red type

If you have never used kratom before, we recommend that you start with the red variety. Red Mitragyna speciosa makes you a bit calmer and calmer. You are less troubled by any fears and your mood becomes wonderful relaxed. It is therefore by far the most popular of the three varieties.

White type

The use of white Mitragyna speciosa gives a euphoric feeling and has a stimulating effect. It improves your mood and gives you an overall positive mood.

Green type

Where white kratom mainly stimulates you and red Mitragyna speciosa mainly sedates you, the green kind is more moderate on both levels. Some people mix green Mitragyna speciosa with white kratom or red kratom to remove the sharp edges. You mainly get more from green Mitragyna speciosa energy.

You can order Kratom online in our webshop

Whatever kind of kratom you want to use, you can order them in our webshop. We always have white, green and red Mitragyna speciosa in stock for you. You can also order these in different forms like; powder, tea, Mitragyna speciosa capsules and even resin we have for sale in our smartshop. Shipping is always fast and completely discreet.