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Mescaline Cactus

In the Netherlands, mescaline cacti may not be that well known, but in Central America and South America they have been very popular for years. From now on you can also buy mescaline cacti online in our webshop. Order the San Pedro cactus or Peyote cactus online now.


Buy mescaline cacti online

We offer two types of mescaline cacti. Those are the San Pedro and the Peyote cactus. Maybe you'd rather grow them all by yourself? That is also possible. Then buy our San Pedro, Peyote cactus or LSA seeds. You can order both, psychedelic cactus fresh and the seeds online in our webshop. We will ship it to you quickly and discreetly.

What is a psychedelic cactus?

A San Pedro or Peyote cacti contains mescaline. This is a psychedelic substance. The effects of these cacti can be compared to LSD and magic mushrooms. Although it may still be a bit new for us in the Netherlands, it has been used for centuries in Central America, mainly Mexico. In Mexico, psychedelic  cacti was used during sacred rituals of the shaman. A trip on psychedelic cactus is a spiritual sensation. The trip can be very intense if you can't let go of control. We also offer females Happy Caps Trip-E on. These are capsules that also trigger a trip, but much more subtle and less intense. We always recommend novice trippers to try such a capsule before switching straight to a hardcore hallucinogen. 

The history of San Pedro and Peyote cacti

Mexico Indians used cacti many centuries ago for the special effects that mescaline can offer. It would be many years before mescaline was first isolated by a chemist. His name was Arthur Heffter, and he was from Germany. This was in 1897. In 1918, synthetic mescaline was created first by Ernst Späth.

Using psychedelic San Pedro or Peyote

The Indians in Mexico used San Pedro or the Peyote during shamanic rituals. In this way they came into higher spheres. Today, mescaline is not being used much in rituals, but to reach higher spheres. You might as well use magic mushrooms or magic truffles.  But psychedelic cacti will give you hallucinations, and a deeper spiritual journey.

To get a special experience you eat the mescaline from the cactus. You can do this raw, but you can also choose to dry the cactus first. When you dry it, the effect will increase.

The effects of psychedelic cacti

As with other forms of drugs, mescaline has a different effect on everyone. The dosage and the mood and sensitivity play a role in this per person. The psychedelic cactus is best known for its hallucinatory properties. Mescaline is an alkaloid that causes these hallucinations. The effects you can feel when using a psychedelic cacti are:

  • Colors become bright
  • Self-consciousness changed
  • A different perception of time
  • Hallucinations
  • Your way of thinking has changed
  • Euphoric feeling
  • chance to vomit the taste

Just like with mushrooms or truffles, for example, you can also find answers to questions that you have had for quite some time. You enter a different consciousness and can start a conversation with yourself. It seems that your brain works more or differently. That is why mescaline is also used for microdosing in Silicon Valley. If you are looking for less intense effects, we also offer medicinal herbs with light effects. 

Order online various psychedelic cacti online

At 24High we have 2 types of cacti for sale that contain mescaline. Each of these has its own characteristics and also look completely different.

Peyote cactus

The peyote cactus is a small cactus without spines. This cactus also looks very nice with its pink flower and contains mescaline. The Peyote contains the highest concentration of the psychoactive substance Mescaline. This psychedelic cactus causes hallucinations when you eat it or drink a tea from it. The scientific name of the peyote cactus is Lophophora Williamsii.

San Pedro cactus

The San Pedro is a lot bigger than the peyote cactus. This cactus also contains mescaline, and eating it can also lead to hallucinations. The scientific name of the San Pedro cactus is Echinopsis Pachanoi. The San Pedro cactus grows in Peru and Ecuador.

The taste of a psychedelic cactus

Want a mind-blowing experience? Then there must be enough mescaline in the cactus. Mescaline has a bitter taste. That may be annoying, but if you do not experience a bitter taste when eating, this cactus contains little or no mescaline. To have a psychedelic experience it is better to make it into a tea brew.

Vitamins and detox products for a quick recovery after a mescaline trip

Vitamins can support you well after a trip with psychedelic cacti. The body is exhausted after a trip and many important substances have been consumed. By supplementing these shortages, for example with vitamins, your body will recover faster. 

Buying psychedelic cacti and seeds?

Selling synthetic mescaline is not legal in the Netherlands. A cactus that contains Mescaline is totally legal in the Netherlands. You cannot buy magic mushrooms fresh at a smartshop, but you can buy psychedelic cacti fresh. You can also grow these yourself or buy the mescaline cacti ready to go in soil/potted.