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Rapé or Ha-Pee is a mix of the tobacco plant "Nicotiana Rustica" with other natural ingredients from the Amazon region. A Rapé is often used in sacred ceremonies by shamans as a kind of medicine. Its use goes back thousands of years. Rapé is also sometimes used just before an Ayahuasca ceremony to lightly prepare the mind of the user for what is to come.


What is Rapé or Ha-Pee

Rapé comes in many varieties. Rapé has been canonized by indigenous tribes of South America and has been used for millennia. A Rapé or Ha-Pee is seen by the indigenous tribes as a medicine and is therefore also used in traditional ceremonies and rituals. Each tribe has its own creation Rapé. Rapé usually consists of leaves, bark, cocoa, and ash, all from medicinal plants and trees with a psychedelic effect. There are several Ha-Pee species, each with its own special effects. 

Note: Rapé contains tobacco and is therefore addictive

Rapé is not intended for smoking and contains only natural substances. Rapé is addictive and contains nicotine. Rapé is less addictive than, for example, a cigarette. This is because the manufacturers of the cigarettes add many chemicals that increase the risk of becoming addicted to nicotine. 

What are the effects of Rapé

The effects of Ha-Pee vary considerably depending on the content. Obviously one Ha-Pee is stronger than the other. We will list below some of the effects that Rapé believes according to users.

Effects Rapé

Which Rapé varieties do we sell at 24High

At 24High we offer 4 different Ha-Pee or Rapé varieties. Each have their own effects and secret ingredients. Rapé is a blend of ash with a natural psychedelic ingredient. Below we briefly describe the Rapé varieties.

Rapé (Ha-Pee) assortment:

Ha-Pee Macambo (white cocoa) Passionflower
This Rapé contains both cocoa and passion flower ash. The passion flower is known as an MAO inhibitor. An MAO inhibitor, inhibits the process of degradation after ingestion. This means that the active ingredient will be more effective because it has been broken down to a small extent by the liver. Taking the Rapé before going to sleep can lead to clear and sometimes even lucid dreams.

Ha-Pee Caapi The Caapi Colombia
Rapé is made from leaves of the Caapi leaves of the Caapi tree. Note that this Rapé is a strong MAO inhibitor. This means that you have to be careful if you plan to mix this Rapé with other psychedelics. This can be extremely dangerous. So be sensible and inform yourself first what an MAO inhibitor is. Caapi is also known as an ingredient for the well-known Ayahuasca brew.

Ha-Pee Bobinsana
This special Rapé is a mix of ash and a beautiful small tree species that occurs in the Amazon along the riverbank. This small tree contains beautiful rose sprig-like flowers. This Rapé is also used at Ayahuasca ceremonies. According to users, the effects of this Rapé express themselves in empathy and a loving and warm experience.

Ha-Pee Kanna
This Rapé is made with Kanna. Kanna is native to South Africa and when taken in high doses it gives a euphoric intoxication and in some cases even visions. At a low dose, Kanna has a calming effect and relaxing. This Ha-Pee is a mix of the Nicotiana rustica plant and Kanna.

How to use Rapé

Using Ha-Pee is easiest with a second person. The Ha-Pee is blown into the user's nostrils. You can also administer Ha-Pee yourself using a Kuripe. This is an attachment to blow the Rapé into the nose of the user or yourself. The intent is to knead/shape the Rapé into a small ball, pea size. Usually the starting dose is the size of a small pea. Place this at 1 end of the Kuripe which is also the side that the user places in his nostril. The second person takes the other side of the Kuripe in his mouth and blows through the blowpipe as hard as he can. Of course, you can also administer Rapé yourself using a Kuripe, this is a bit more difficult, but with a little practice this is certainly doable.

Herbs and Ha-Pee

In addition to Rapé, we offer many other Entheogenic products. Entheogenic drugs are psychedelic drugs that are able to increase or change your consciousness through spiritual insight. Besides the Rapé we also sell Mescaline cacti, Yopo, LSA seeds and Psilocybin mushrooms and truffles. All these natural entheogenic agents are still used in important spiritual ceremonies to this day. In the past mainly to get in touch with the deceased ancestors.

Entheogenic agents

Entheogenic agents are able to mirror your soul so that you can see who you are. This reflection of yourself can lead to a wonderful experience if the ego does not get in the way. The ego will always be tested for sincerity by Entheogenic means. Do you speak the truth as a person, or does the ego take over. A large ego can subconsciously get in the way of a person. It can block emotions and act as a shield or protection for fear of being hurt. The ego is a person's idea of ​​himself that does not correspond to reality. An Entheogenic drug will try to make the ego disappear so that the user can have a spiritual experience. Many users of Entheogenic substances such as Ayahuasca, Mescaline cactus, LSA seeds, Yopo or Psilocybin mushrooms and truffles. This spiritual awareness can only come about with good doses of psychedelics. For these reasons, the use of these resources is linked to ceremonies with the right guidance. Entheogenic substances are therefore absolutely not party drugs!

Buy spiritual substances in our smartshop

You can buy herbs, tinctures, entheogenic or other psychedelics quickly and easily from behind your PC, laptop or phone in the smartshop. Once ordered, we will pack the order neatly and with great care. You will receive a track and trace code so that the package can be followed up to the door. We always advise you to inform yourself first when you are planning to experience a spiritual journey with psychedelics/entheogenic agents.