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Nicopods or Snus are bags/pouches filled with or without tobacco and contain nicotine. The Nicopods are becoming a real trend among nicotine users. This is a nice alternative for those who are tired of smoking, but still need nicotine. The Nicopods we offer do not contain tobacco, but they do contain nicotine.


Nicotine in Nicopods of Snus

Snus or Nicopods pouches/pads all contain nicotine and no tobacco. There are many different flavors of snus, each with its percentage of nicotine per pillow, pod, or pouches. We offer Nicopods with different percentages of nicotine from 16, 20 en 50 gram per serving. From mild to extremely strong, so something for everyone.

What are Nicopods (Snus)?

Nicopods are small pads or pouches filled with natural fibers and provided with nicotine and a flavouring. They contain no tobacco and can therefore be an alternative for smokers. The Nicopods do not contain tobacco, so the teeth do not become yellowish. It takes longer for it to be absorbed by the body than if you smoke a cigarette. The effects depend on the nicotine content per pods/pouches. The effects, like a cigarette, last around 5 minutes and will certainly be noticed when they set in. Are you looking for a product that does not have an addictive effect, but does have strong psychedelic effects?

Snus (Nicopods) without tobacco vs Cigarette

Many smokers have switched to Nicopods (snus) and have given up smoking a cigarette. Many users, despite being addicted to nicotine, experience the pods as a godsend. They provide themselves with nicotine, but no longer have to inhale harmful smoke and substances. It is also not surprising that this product is replacing the cigarette. We always advise stopping smoking or using nicotine products. If you use a nicotine product, we always advise you to increase vitamin intake. Especially if the nicotine is taken through a cigarette. A cigarette burns an awful lot of vitamin C when smoked. 

What is Snus?

Snus was developed in Sweden around 1800. De Boeren developed a way of mixing tobacco with salt and water. They allowed this to dry into a slightly moist tobacco. The snus tobacco is placed between the lower lip and the teeth. This was not smoked!

Today there are 2 types of snus:

Snus with tobacco

  • This is the Swedish snus, which you can buy separately and in small bags. These are only legal in Sweden, and we therefore do not offer them. The strength of the Swedish snus is enormous and will therefore be experienced as unpleasant when trying snus for the first time. 

Snus without tobacco (Nicopods)

  • Snus without contains no tobacco, but does contain nicotine. These are legal as no tobacco is present. Snus without tobacco is also called Nicopods. These are small pouches/pods that you place between your lip and teeth. Often a flavoring is also added to this. 

Kratom helps with Nicotine addiction

Outside of Nicopods, we always advise you to try to stop using nicotine. We offer some herbs that could help you with that. Kratom tends to minimize the urge or anxiety that arises in the body and mind towards nicotine. Many addicts have found the strength with Kratom to switch from smoking to other natural remedies that are not harmful to health. Kratom has the power to help get rid of addictions. The effects can be a substitute for a cigarette.

What is Nicotine?

Nicotine is an alkaloid that is formed in the tobacco plant during the growth of its leaves. The leaves are used in tobacco products such as a cigarette, cigar, but also as chewing or mouth tobacco. Nicotine is addictive and has a pharmacological as well as mild euphoric en relaxing effects.

Try relaxation herbs instead of Nicopods

Relaxation herbs can help to remove the urge or restlessness in the body. Many herbs in our smartshop have effects that can be beneficial as an alternative. It is much better for health to stay away from nicotine related products. We always recommend trying other herbs first that do not contain an addiction element such as nicotine.

Also try Damiana as a tobacco substitute

Damiana does not contain nicotine and can therefore help the smoker to end his addiction. Damiana has a slightly relaxing effect which also promotes cigarette smoking cessation. Try a week Damiana and see if you can get rid of your nicotine addiction. We offer many types of herbs, each with its own unique effects. Herbs with medicinal, hallucinatory, euphoric, stimulating to aphrodisiac effects  See our Smartshop category for more info.

Order Now Nicopods Tobacco Free Pouches 

With us you can easily buy Nicopods from behind your laptop in your living room or with your mobile anywhere. Nicopods are becoming a real trend. Nicopods are pads, pods, pouches that contain nicotine, fiber and a flavoring. They contain nicotine so are very addictive. Order your Nicopods online today in our smartshop, and we will ship them within 1 day. The Nicopods (snus) will be carefully packaged and shipped with a track-and-trace code so that you can follow the package to your door. Inform yourself well before you decide to buy this product.