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Regular Cannabis Seeds

Do you want to grow marijuana ? Then you need cannabis seeds. Nowadays there are many different cannabis seeds for sale online but if you want to grow cannabis plants as nature intended, then it's wise to choose regular weed seeds.


What do we mean by regular cannabis seeds?

Regular seeds are cannabis seeds that offer a mix of male and female seeds. This is the opposite of feminized cannabis seeds where you have the guarantee to receive only female weed seeds.

Why are there male and female cannabis seeds?

In the cannabis world there are male and female cannabis plants. By allowing these to be pollinated with each other, fruitful cannabis can be reproduced. The female cannabis plant is fertilized when it comes into contact with the pollen from the male cannabis plant.

What is the difference between male and female cannabis seeds?

In the case of regular cannabis seeds, you get both male and female cannabis plants. That is why it is important to distinguish them from each other. Female cannabis plants are predominantly fuller, prettier and healthier. They also have far more branches than male weed plants. In the armpit of these branches you will also find a "hair" in most female weed plants. The armpit is located at the top of the branch.

When is it visible if you have a female cannabis plant?

Usually you can distinguish the female weed plants from the male cannabis plants 4 weeks after germination. After 6 weeks, in all cases, this can be seen. Make sure you separate the female's male cannabis plants on time to prevent the cannabis plants from being fertilized by the male cannabis plants.

Why are there feminized cannabis seeds?

The reason why there are also specifically feminized cannabis seeds is explained by the production of THC. Female plants produce more THC than male weed plants when they are not fertilized. THC is the psychoactive substance that gets you stoned, Female cannabis seeds are very popular among recreational cannabis users because of the THC.

What's the purpose of the male cannabis plants?

Female cannabis plants give you high-quality THC buds. Then why do you need male cannabis plants? The answer is simple. With male cannabis plants, you can pollinate the female cannabis plants so that they reproduce

Why would you buy regular cannabis seeds?

Buying regular cannabis seeds gives you a mix of male and female seeds, since female seeds lead to grow plants with large, THC-rich buds, you may wonder why you would buy regular cannabis seeds. The answer is simple. With regular cannabis seeds you can grow weed and seeds yourself. This way you don't have to buy new weed seeds.

Buy regular cannabis seeds online

In our web-shop you buy regular weed seeds online. With the certainty that the regular weed seeds are of the highest quality you will receive them quickly sent home. We always ship all our products quickly and discreetly.