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Top 20 Outdoor Seeds

Looking for weed seeds to grow outdoors? Then you are at the right spot! Here you will find the best weed seeds for growing cannabis plants outdoors. This applies to both autoflowering and feminized cannabis seeds. Place the weed seeds in a pot, in a greenhouse or in your garden and you will soon have big beautiful weed plants.


Can you grow weed outdoors in the Netherlands?

Netherlands is not known as a country where a lot of sun shines. That's why the Netherlands is so successful with its greenhouses. Nevertheless, growing weed plants outdoor in the Netherlands is very possible. With these special outdoor weed seeds you can count on a nice harvest. In the Netherlands it is allowed to have a number of cannabis plants in your own garden for personal use.

What weed seeds are doing well outdoors?

With the utmost care, weed seeds are now composed and influenced to ensure the best results. That's why you can grow many different types of weed in the Dutch outdoor skies. Think of CBD-rich weed seeds, high THC strains but also medicinal weed species.

Large weed plants in your backyard

The weed seeds you use outside to grow cannabis plants determine how big the weed plants in your backyard become. Due to the longer flowering period in the open air, the weed plants often grows big. This means a higher yield but also that they can protrude above the fence of your garden, maybe not so ideal concerning your neighbors.

Outdoor cannabis plants that stay a little smaller?

Do you prefer to choose weed plants that don't protrude above your fence? Then you choose autoflowering weed seeds that are suitable for outdoors. These are automatically flourishing and therefore do not depend on the number of light hours they get. That's how they stay smaller than the non-autoflower. These will only bloom when the hours of light decreases at the end of the summer.

Autoflower outdoor weed seeds

The autoflower weed seeds for outdoors has advantages. Not only do they stay smaller, they are also more likely to bloom. This gives you the chance to harvest more or les 3 times in a season. Autoflower outdoor seeds also make growing outer weed a lot easier. You don't have to use a light scheme. We have a wide range of autoflower cannabis seeds for the outdoor cultivation wich you can choose from.

How do you grow outdoor weed with non-autoflower seeds?

The place where you want to grow your cannabis plant is very important. Sun plays an important role so choose a sunny place in your garden. If you don't pay any further attention to this, you can count on it to flourish in mid or the end of August. However, you can also manipulate this by regulate the hours of light your cannabis plant gets. This should be up to 12 hours a day to let the plant bloom.

Increase the yield of your outdoor weed seeds

Although you can also place the outdoor weed seeds in the ground of your garden, most people choose to do so in a pot. The reason for this is simple. This way you will have more control in feeding and watering your plant. By adding special fertilizer to the ground you will increase the harvest of your weed plant. It is therefore certainly recommended to add this to your outdoor cannabis plants.

Feminized weed seeds outdoor cultivation

Why do many people choose to grow weed in a closed space, such as a house or a small greenhouse? Well the reason is, because you can better regulate the environment. However, most feminized outside of weed seeds are now very strong. Temperature fluctuations and insects now hardly affect your harvest. Also, most Feminized seeds are mold resistant during the outdoor cultivation.

Why grow outdoor weed?

Growing weed in the open air, however, is very popular. That's simply because you can grow weed outside at very low cost. After all, you have all the advantages of the outdoors and thus the forces of nature. Sun and water get you free of charge from mother nature. The power of the outside grow weed seeds ensures that they are hardly affected by the disadvantages of nature's hard laws. And the harvests of outdoor culture are great. So at low cost you can get a big harvest, what else do you want? That's why growing garden weed with the help of outdoor weed seeds is something we see emerging in more and more gardens. Especially with all the benefits of medicinal weed species like CBD seeds.