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Medicinal strains

Looking for medicinal cannabis seeds? Then you are at the right place. Our medicinal cannabis seeds are just about growing medicinal weed. Ordered today is shipped tomorrow.


The emergence of medicinal cannabis

Weed has existed for many years. It was actually always seen as a recreational drug but in recent years the medicinal properties of cannabis are becoming more and more famous. Several studies have shown that people with stress, anxiety disorders, depressive complaints, spasms and, for example, MS have benefits from the use of medicinal cannabis.

What makes these cannabis seeds medicated cannabis seeds?

Now that the emergence of medicinal cannabis is becoming increasingly extensive, the demand for medicinal weed seeds is also growing. But what makes a cannabis seed correct or not medicinally? This is the composition and in particular the level of CBD in the cannabis seeds. Medicinal cannabis seeds generally have a higher level of CBD.

Medicinal cannabis seeds can help against the following complaints

There are a lot of different complaints that medical marijuana can have a positive effect on. This differs from such a simple as nausea as against serious pain complaints. Below we will briefly walk through them.

Medicated cannabis against anxiety

Do you suffer from fears or great worries? Then medicated weed can help you to give you a bit more rest between your ears. It will help you relax and make you worry less. It feels like a pleasant, peaceful and warm blanket that is pulled over you.

Better sleep with medicinal cannabis

You probably know that you can get tired of smoking cannabis too. However, this is not always the case, but there are also special types of weed that make you especially tired. So when you have trouble sleeping, this is the weed species you want to grow. This not only helps you to sleep better, but also to achieve a higher quality of sleep. So less waking up at night and giving you a peaceful night's sleep.

Fight depressive complaints with medicated weed

When you're unhappy, feeling rotten or actually suffering from depression, medicinal weed can sometimes help you get your life back on the ride. It gives you energy and the will to tackle things in your life again. Get away with the dejected feelings, take control of your life.

Reduce stress with medicinal cannabis

of Blowen you can relax. Especially when you opt for medicinal cannabis that has been specially bred to reduce stress. Just in those busy periods at work or in your private life it can be difficult to relax. With specially farmed cannabis strains, you can better relax and lower your stress level. Stress is one of the biggest causers of medical complaints today. With these cannabis seeds you can reduce stress and thus reduce the risk of other medical complaints.

Less headache and migraine

Many people in the Netherlands regularly suffer from headaches or sometimes even migraine headaches. With specially grown weed you can reduce the symptoms of migraine and headache. Buy medicated cannabis seeds to grow this weed strain.

Combat pain with medicinal cannabis

There are a lot of different types of pain. Medical cannabis has been shown to relieve pain symptoms such as menstruation, toothache or rheumatism. A relief for people in which the complaints actually diminish. The cultivation of these medicinal cannabis strains is almost as simple as other types of cannabis.

Use medicinal weed against complaints of multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is a nasty nasty disease. The use of medicinal cannabis is used regularly today to combat symptoms of multiple sclerosis. These include pain symptoms, muscle cramps, insomnia, stiffness and spasms.

Reduce spasms and muscle cramps

Many spasms, tics and muscle cramps can be reduced with medicinal cannabis. That's why medicinal cannabis seeds are also increasingly popular. Growing it is almost equal to growing recreational weed.

Buy medicinal cannabis seeds online

Buying medicated cannabis seeds can easily be done in our webshop. We then quickly send these medicinal cannabis seeds to you so that you can start growing your medicinal cannabis. We always send our products discreetly.