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Feminized Seeds

Only female cannabis seeds are suitable for growing weed. That is why feminized cannabis seeds have been developed. These only produce female cannabis plants. You can buy your feminized cannabis seeds online in our webshop.


Meer artikelen laden

Meer artikelen laden

Buy a Feminized seed online

On the internet, you can buy your feminized seeds in our Seedshop We have a lot of different types of feminized seeds in our assortment. These cannabis seeds are very popular because they all provide female weed plants and these give buds as desired. If you buy feminized, autoflower, CBD or other cannabis seeds in our webshop, we will ship them quickly and discreetly.

What are feminized cannabis plants?

When buying cannabis seeds, you have no idea whether male or female cannabis plants originate. With female weed plants, you have the guarantee that it produces female cannabis plants. These are the weed plants that give you the best buds with the highest THC values. In the past, you had to prevent the female weed plants from being polled by the male weed plants by removing them. Otherwise, that was at the expense of your harvest. With feminized cannabis seeds, that selection process has already been done before you buy a cannabis seed.

feminized weed seeds

How to make feminized seeds?

Making the female plants you can do yourself, but we already offer you direct feminized seeds for sale in our Seedshop. By simply choosing a feminized seed, you don't have to go through the entire process yourself. The making of feminized seeds can be with silver water, but once silver water comes into contact with the weed, you can no longer smoke it. Another way is to not harvest the buds of the female weed plant. It may be that it will form male flowers. With this pollen you can pollinate female weed plants and this will yield feminized seeds. However, this is no certainty that the female weed plant will also produce actual male flowers. So the so-called stress test is reasonably unreliable. That's why we always recommend buying a feminized seed instead of making them yourself. The risk of failure is just too great.

How do they grow female plants?

Female and male weed plants are basically all about the chromosomes. A plant formed from two X chromosomes will lead to a female cannabis plant in 99.9% of cases. A plant formed from an X chromosome and a Y chromosome will cause a male plant. Therefore, the pollination of a female cannabis plant by a female weed plant is also so important.

feminized cannabis seeds

Why Choose feminized cannabis plants?

It seems to me an obvious that these cannabis seeds, or female cannabis plants, make your life as a breeder a lot easier. This way you have a great certainty that you only grow female weed plants, and you do not spend a lot of time, energy and money in growing weed plants that ultimately do not yield a big weed harvest. So you buy guaranteed success.

Which female cannabis plant should I choose?

We have a huge assortment of cannabis seeds brands. These are all produced to make your life as a breeder a lot easier. The only thing that might be tricky is the choice of our wide assortment like: Indica, White Widow, Himalaya Gold or Skunk XL. Now you just have to choose which ones suits you the best.

feminized seeds

Feminized autoflower plants

Fine to know is that feminized autoflower seeds are also for sale. These weed seeds have two main advantages. So they are female cannabis plants, and they bloom automatically. That is to say, you don't have to adjust the number of light hours during the cultivation process to get flowers. So it greatly increases your chances of success. Super Critical Autoflowering is one of these feminized autoflower plants that you can buy from us.

Feminized cannabis plants

Buying cannabis seeds can easily be done online. Find out, order, and you get them delivered to the indicated address. The feminized seeds may be slightly more expensive than a regular cannabis seed, but they have the advantage that you know that you can always use all seeds for growing weed. With regular weed seeds, you have 50% change on a female cannabis plant. Unfortunately, this means that you can harvest only about half of your seeds. That's why more and more growers only buy feminized cannabis seeds. Order them online now.