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Cbd Seeds

With CBD cannabis seeds you can grow beautiful weed varieties that guarantee a high CBD content. In addition, you also get a nice balance with THC in the cannabis plants. Buy CBD cannabis seeds now to enjoy the best of CBD and THC.


Buy CBD cannabis seeds

Buying cannabis seeds is easy online. This also applies to CBD cannabis seeds. By ordering online you have them quickly in your home without having to go to the store to buy them outside of working time. Therefore, order your CBD seeds online and get them delivered quickly at home. Don't worry about your privacy either. This is guaranteed with us. The CBD seeds will be delivered to you in an unrecognizable box. Even the postman will not have what you bought online.

What are CBD seeds?

CBD seeds are considered medicinal seeds. These are seeds that provide cannabis plants with a high CBD value. CBD is therefore a substance that has beneficial properties. It can relieve the pain and complaints of many physical and mental inconveniences. That's why CBD is becoming increasingly popular. With CBD seeds You can also grow cannabis plants that are rich in CBD.

Do you get stoned of CBD seeds?

The idea that most people have about cannabis plants is that you get stoned of it. And that's true in many cases. That's because of a substance called THC. However, In the cannabis plants of the CBD seeds, you also have a high level of CBD. This gives you the benefits of the medicinal action of the cannabis plant, but you don't always have to get stoned from the plant. This has everything to do with the amount of THC that is present in it.

CBD seeds without THC

Everything revolves around balance. In this case, the balance between CBD and THC in the cannabis plants comes from the seeds you use. If you only want to take advantage of the benefits of CBD without being stoned of THC, then you are looking for CBD seeds without THC. At the moment we only have CBD seeds with a low THC content for sale in our webshop.

Cannabis seeds with high CBD content

Actually there are two TYPES of CBD seeds. There are CBD seeds with an equal ratio CBD and THC. This is called a 1:1 ratio. These CBD seeds increase the appetite and help you to get a better night's sleep. In addition, there are CBD seeds with a higher CBD content than a THC content. Since CBD inhibits the action of THC, you can use it for medicinal purposes without the feeling of being stoned. These CBD seeds are specifically for medicinal purposes.

CBD seeds autoflower

If you want to grow CBD then you are going to grow CBD cannabis plants. For this you buy CBD seeds online in our webshop. This also means that you have to make a choice between the different CBD seeds that we offer for sale. One of the choices you can make is to choose autoflower for CBD seeds. This means that your cannabis plants will bloom automatically. This is something that you have to make more effort in regular CBD seeds. For this you have to play with the number of light hours that your cannabis plant gets. CBD seeds Autoflower are therefore easier for the novice grower.

The CBD seeds autoflower that you can buy are:

The best CBD seeds

When you want to grow CBD cannabis plants, you naturally want to use the best CBD seeds. That's why it's good to think which CBD seeds to buy before you start growing CBD cannabis plants. That's why we put the CBD seeds we sell in a row for you. The best CBD seeds are basically the CBD seeds with the right CBD and THC balance for your needs. So it differs per person because the need per person is different.

CBD seeds with a 1:1 ratio

Seeds with high CBD content

Grow CBD weed for use vaporizer

if you want to grow CBD seeds for medicinal use, we advise you to use a vaporizer. The cannabis contains more than 80 substances. Each of these substances evaporates at a different temperature. With a vaporizer you can regulate this well. 160 °c gives you a mellow high. THC begins to evaporate. 185 °c Provides a cheerful, mental and energetic high. CBD evaporates, together with terpenes that cause the THC to hit harder. At 220 °c evaporate additional terpenes and CBC. You will feel sleepy and hungry. Here you will be stoned. In Our webshop We also sell vaporizers that you can use to consume the cannabis of CBD seeds.

Buy CBD Rich hemp seeds

Do you need CBD rich weed? Then you can grow this yourself with CBD rich seeds. Buy CBD seeds online. These are rich in cannabidiol (CBD) and that brings you all medicinal benefits. The beneficial effect also ensures that more and more people are starting to get interested in hemp plants. Buy your CBD-rich seeds now in the 24High seeds webshop. We make sure you get it delivered quickly in an anonymous and discreet box.