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Autoflower Seeds

With auto-flowering cannabis seeds you grow weed plants that bloom automatically. These cannabis seeds are also known as autoflower seeds. These autoflowering seeds bloom regardless of the number of light hours they get.


Meer artikelen laden

Meer artikelen laden

What are autoflowering seeds?

Autoflowering seeds are a combination of cannabis ruderalis genetics and other traditional cannabis seeds. The Cannabis ruderalis genetics are cannabis seeds that have adapted well to their environment in the northern part of the world. Here are less light hours. This allows them to flourish because they age and not because the photo period changed. These species are also called cannabis ruderalis. By combining them, or rather letting them go together, with more ordinary varieties of cannabis seeds, a new hybrid species has emerged. These are auto-flowering seeds that bloom automatically regardless of the amount of hours light they get.

Brands autoflowering seeds

The autoflowering seeds are relatively new in the cannabis world. Yet they already have a lot of fanatical fans and that number is growing fast. The self-flowering cannabis seeds make the life of a grower a lot easier. This is why Green House, Sensi Seeds, Dutch Passion and Barney's Farm have been included in their assortment. These can all be purchased in our webshop.

Why not grow cannabis ruderalis autoflower seeds?

Maybe you think, why don't we just grow with cannabis ruderalis seeds? The answer is simple. The yields of the cannabis ruderalis plants are a lot lower. The cannabinoid is also a lot lower. By mixing the cannabis ruderalis with, for example, sativa seeds or indica seeds, you get the best of both worlds. Automatic flowering cannabis plants with a larger grow yield and a higher cannabinoid content.

Fast Harvest with autoflowering seeds

It is not surprising that many growers use autoflowering seeds. These cannabis seeds are growing rapidly. Sometimes a cultivation is possible after 9 weeks. This makes them generally faster than Sativa and Indica strains. Fine so if you want a quick harvest.

Smaller cannabis plants with auto-flowering seeds

The combination of cannabis ruderalis genetics with indica or sativa seeds gives you cannabis plants that are smaller in size. As a result, they fall less and occupy less space. So you can choose these weed plants in smaller rooms. Even when your neighbors reject weed plants, the autoflower seeds are an excellent choice. They are somewhat more discreet because they occupy less space. Because of the smaller size they do give a smaller harvest than other cannabis plants.

The cultivation yield of autoflower seeds

A smaller grow yield, so when you use autoflower seeds compared to standard sativa seeds. But how precis can you be about the amount of yield you get when it's all about how you deal with the cultivation of the cannabis seeds. More or less a yield between 60 and 300 grams of a cannabis plant bred from autoflower cannabis seeds.

Autoflowering seeds need no change in photo period

Where in ordinary cannabis plants the photo period is very important to stimulate flowering is not necessary in Autoflowering seeds. These seeds put the plant in bloom because of their age and not because of a change in light hours. This makes it easier to grow outside of cannabis plants, for example. If you plant it well you can even achieve 3 harvests per year.

Autoflower cannabis seeds for indoor growing

Although the Autoflower seeds start to bloom automatically at a pre-programmed moment, they still need light to grow fast. Therefore, autoflower cannabis seeds are also often grown indoors. This way you can steer the light much better than in outdoor cultivation. Generally, most growers see the best results at 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness.

Why don't all growers choose autoflowering seeds?

Although autoflowering seeds offer many benefits, it does not choose any breeder for autoflowering seeds. This is mainly due to the desire to achieve high THC percentages. Autoflowering seeds give a lower THC percentage than other types of cannabis seeds.

Which autoflowering seeds are there?

In Our webshop you can find a wide range of auto-flowering seeds. This way you can choose the right cannabis seeds for your cultivation. For example, you can buy the following auto-flowering seeds from us:

  • Super Lemon Haze auto-flowering seeds
  • King's Kush auto-flowering seeds
  • Exodus auto-flowering Seeds
  • Super Bud auto-flowering seeds
  • White Widow auto-flowering seeds
  • Sweet Mango auto-flowering Seeds
  • Super Critical auto-flowering seeds
  • Northern Lights auto-flowering seeds
  • Kalashnikova auto-flowering Seeds
  • Jack Herer auto-flowering seeds
  • Green-O-Matic auto-flowering seeds
  • Big Bang auto-flowering seeds
  • Auto-Bomb auto-flowering seeds

Buying Auto-flowering seeds

Ordering weed seeds on the Internet is easy. Choose the kind you would like to grow and buy the auto-flowering seeds online. When order is placed we will deliver the auto-flowering seeds quickly and discreetly to your specified address.