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Magic Truffles


For the whole month of July we will double the amount (order 1 and get 1 free) of your Magic Truffles! If you order one pack of MagicTruffles​, we will deliver two. When you order 3 packs of magic truffles, 6 packs of magic truffles will be delivered. We manually add the free (extra) truffle(s) to the order. As a result, the extra truffle(s) are not visible in your shopping cart, but they will be added to your order. The promotion is only valid on products with a Buy 1 Get 1 Free sticker. Order quickly and let the party begin!..


Meer artikelen laden

Meer artikelen laden

Truffle trip strength


What are Magic Truffles and how do they originate?

Magic Truffles (sclerotia) grow in between the fungal threads and are created by the mycelium, a network of hyphal threads / fungal threads. The mycelium is located under the ground and when the climate is favorable, the fruits (the mushrooms) shoot out of the ground. For in times when the climate is not favorable for the mycelium to cause the mushrooms to emerge, this fungal network creates a sort of storage emergency ration full of nutrients called the sclerotia (Truffle). This Truffle, just like the mushroom, contains high values ​​of the substance Psilocybin. They are of course not called MAGIC truffles for nothing. Truffles belong to Entheogenic substances. These agents are known to increase awareness and are often used for relaxation and spiritual or psychological purposes.

What are the effects of Magic Truffles?

About 50 min. after ingestion a true journey begins . The senses doubles and a warm feeling in your lower abdomen starts to unravel. Music is often experienced as something divine while using Psilocybin. Hallucinations, geometry patterns, other angles of thinking, philosophy, moving objects, consciousness enhancement and intense colors are the effects that the magic truffle can bring. The trip lasted between 5 to 8 hours and the effects can be compared to those of the magic mushroom.

The Magic Truffle and the brain

The Magic Truffle (Psilocybin) becomes immediately after consumption by the stomach converted to Psilocin. This transformation in the stomach is what unleashes magical chemistry. Psilocin is comparable in composition to serotonin. This similarity means that serotonin receptors also respond to Psilocin. Upon ingestion of a magic truffle, Tsunamis of serotonin-like substances are released into the cerebellum. Psilocin binds to the receptors, which in turn translates into the effects described above.

Use of Magic Truffles

You can consume truffles directly from the package. It is best to start your magical truffle journey on an empty stomach. To promote the effect, it is very important to chew the truffles long and well before you swallow them. If you find truffles unpleasant then you could also make tea from them. You do this by cutting the truffles into pieces and place them in a cup of hot water wait 20 minutes before drinking. 


Light trip Magic Truffles

  • No experience? Then we advise you to start with a light trip +/- 7 grams of truffles, of course you can increase your dose during the trip to the desired feeling and effect.

Mild trip Magic Truffles

  • Magic Truffles Taken earlier? Then you could go for a mild trip +/- 10 grams of truffles, of course you can increase your dose during the trip to the desired feeling and effect.

Heavy trip Magic Truffles

  • If you are a real Psychonaut then you could go for the heavy trip +/- 15 grams of truffles, of course you can increase your dose during the trip to the desired feeling and effect.

Note" Dosing your truffle equals wisdom "The goal is to gain a nice and wise experience with the use of the truffle. By increasing dose you learn exactly what amount of truffles and their effects suit you best. If you eat the truffles in one go and the trip is too heavy and unpleasant for you, what did you learn? Except that you have not had a great experience.

Building tolerance

It is possible to build up tolerance to the substance psilocybin (truffles).  You want to avoid this because it will require increasing doses to experience the same magical effects as the first dose. We recommend not to use psychedelics for a minimum of 2 weeks, so that the body has time to completely break down the psilocybin in the body. If you do not do this, you may not feel anything with a strong dose of 15 grams because there is still psilocybin in the body.

Setting for using truffles

What is very important is the setting where you plan to experience the magic truffle trip. If you are taking truffles for the first time, do so at home or with a good friend, but at least where you feel comfortable and where you are fully equipped. A Trip sitter is essential for a first time truffle user. A Trip sitter is a good friend who is not under the influence of drugs or alcohol and can make your trip more enjoyable by being there for you as well if necessary. After all, you also want to share your experience.