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Bongs - Glass

Want a good glass pipe? A high quality for the best bong smoking experience for smoking weed or hashish then you have chosen in the right webshop. With us you can easily buy glass bongs online.


Buy glass bong online

Buy a bong easily in our online headshop. We have different types of bongs made of glass that you can order directly. As soon as you buy a bong, we pack the glass bong correctly so that it is well protected during transport. You will receive the bong you buy quickly and discreetly at the address you specified. This way you can quickly smoke herbs, weed or hash with your new glass bong.

Why buy a bong?

You can buy a bong for a party and for smoking weed or hash. At least that's what the bong is most suitable for. Of course you can also roll a joint to take weed, but with a bong you can smoke pure weed and you have no tobacco, for example, grinder or long rolling paper more. In addition, the experience is completely different. For example, you can inhale with a glass bong within a few times and be as stoned as a shrimp. In addition, smoking weed with a bong is less sharp.

Buy a glass bong if you go for quality

If you want to get the best smoking experience from weed or hash, choose a glass bong. These bongs are specially made for smoking weed. The bong of acrylic is easier to use and cheaper, but a glass bong is of much better quality. The smoke is smoother, softer and less sharp. This makes the glass bong a popular product among sophisticated blowers.

How do you smoke weed in a glass bong?

For using a glass or ceramic bong you have to perform a number of actions. These are the steps to follow to smoke weed in a glass bong.

  • Fill your bong with water
  • Enter the head of the bong with weed or hash
  • Put your mouth on the bong
  • Put your finger on the kick hole
  • Light the weed and suck the bong

Fill your bong with water

The bong should be filled with water. Do not put too much water in it, otherwise there is a chance that the bubbling will cause the water to splash up and hit the weed. Fill the bong until the chillum is submerged at the bottom of the tube. 

Fill the bong head with weed

You place the weed on the bong head or the so-called bowl. To prevent the weed from falling through, use a pipe screen. This metal mesh prevents your weed from falling through. Get your weed out of your storage box or grip bag and make sure you crumble it well. This is best done with a grinder. This way you get the best smoking experience. For the first time you use about half the size of the bowl to place weed on. By the way, don't press it too hard. Air should still be able to pass through.

Place your mouth on the bong

When you place your mouth on the bong, make sure that it completely closes the opening of the bong. Your lips serve to sit on the inside of the bong. The wider the opening of the glass bong, the easier this is of course.

Put your finger on the kickhole

Most glass bongs have a kick hole or a carb hole. This is a hole located above the chillum. When you suck at the opening of the tube with your mouth, you want the air and smoke to enter the tube through the water. The kickhole would prevent this because it is above the water and would therefore suck in false air. Therefore, place your finger on the kickhole when drawing in and using the bong.

How to light the bong

People often use a bong to cannabis to smoke with. You can light the smoking material with a lighter. At the same time, you suck on the glass bong. As a result, the smoke is drawn into the bong through the water. As soon as you see that the smoke is well through the water and ends up in the bong, stop using the lighter. You do keep sucking on the bong until it is full of smoke. When the bong is well filled with smoke, inhale the smoke, hold for a while before blowing out for the ultimate result.

Want to to use a glass bong to smoke weed?

Would you also like to smoke weed with a glass bong? Order your glass bong online now. We make sure you get your glasses bong quickly and can start enjoying smoking weed through a bong.