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Are you a novice grower or one with a lot of experience in cultivating cannabis or magic mushrooms? Then we have great growing guides for sale for both target groups, namely the Marijuana Outdoor Grower's Guide, the Cannabis Grow Bible and the Psilocybin Mushroom Bible. These three books together contain as much knowledge as Wikipedia on the World Wide Web!


Cannabis and Magic Mushroom Grow Books 24High

Are you a beginner or an expert in growing magic mushrooms or cannabis? Order one of these books right away! These are veritable encyclopedias packed with information about growing psilocybin mushrooms or cannabis plants indoor/outdoor! These grow books clearly explain the "Does and Don't" throughout the growing process. Many illustrations and photos give a clear insight into the cultivation processes and are therefore simple and easy to follow. These exceptional grow books are only available in English.

Books/growing guide for cannabis and magic mushrooms:

  • Marijuana Outdoor Grower's Guide
  • The Cannabis Grow Bible 
  • The Psilocybin Mushroom Bible

Marijuana Outdoor Grower's Guide and The Cannabis Grow Bible for Real Cannabis enthusiast

With one of these two cannabis growing guides/encyclopedias, you will be guided through the entire growing process in a simple way, supported by many illustrations and photos. From the germinating the cannabis seed, realizing the right breeding ground, feeding measured food, determining the right acidity, fighting diseases up to and including harvesting. In short, everything on this subject is explained clearly and in easy English. We offer two cannabis grow books, one for the indoor cultivation of cannabis "The Cannabis Grow Bible" and the other for the outdoor cultivation "Marijuana Outdoor Grower's Guide".

The Cannabis Grow Bible is definitive growing guide to cultivating marijuana for recreational and medicinal use. This book describes both indoor growing techniques and outdoor. Very broadly oriented from germination of the seed, making cannabis butter or oil, recognizing leaf problems, pruning and growing techniques, making hash, fungi, insects, organic cultivation etc. This bible is an enrichment of knowledge for every cannabis grower.

The Marijuana Outdoor Grower's Guide teaches the basics and more about growing cannabis plants outdoors. Richly illustrated growing guide to many processes related to growing cannabis. The Outdoor Grower's Growing Guide is easy to follow, although it is only available in English.

Legality Cannabis cultivation culture

Cultivating cannabis in the Netherlands is not legal. It is tolerated to grow 5 plants for own use. This does not mean that it is legal and thus can be removed by the government without mercy. In some countries in Europe, the cultivation of one cannabis plant for personal use is tolerated. We always advise you to properly inform government authorities about the legality of growing a cannabis plant for your own use. After all, it would be a shame if you spent a lot of time and money to grow and bloom a beautiful plant, that will taken away with possible legal consequences, without having smoked it in a bong or joint!

The Psilocybin Mushroom Bible for the true psychedelic mushroom lover

Are you a real psychonaut? Or are you interested in cultivation processes related to psychedelic mushrooms? Then this bible belongs to you, lying on the bedside table! The psilocybin mushroom bible will enrich you with knowledge about growing psychedelic mushrooms. The instructions on making the right substrate, perfect humidity and temperature, fighting fungi and bacteria, storing your magic mushrooms, perfect harvesting and preparing for the next flush are easy to follow and very clearly described by means of illustrations. Of course, there are many more breeding themes described in this encyclopedia. Optimize your growing techniques and increase your mushroom yields with The Psilocybin Mushroom Bible!

Authors: The Psilocybin Mushroom Bible

This book was written by Virginia Haze under the direction of Dr. Mandrake! Both live in San Francisco and are experts in magic mushrooms! Virginia Haze is a writer and photographer and has been growing mushrooms for years. In this magic mushroom growing guide, she takes on the role of photographer and writer under the guidance of Dr. Mandrake. Dr. Mandrake has a PhD in mycology. A mycologist is a person who researches fungi, mushrooms (mushrooms) and fungi. In this growing guide, Dr. Mandrake shares all his knowledge, translated by Virginia Haze, about growing the psilocybin Dr. Mandrake is committed to the medicinal properties of psilocybin mushrooms (microdosing homemade capsules). His knowledge of magic mushrooms is unparalleled and shares it with many mushroom cultivators from all over the world. The Mushroom Bible is a very comprehensive and detailed growing guide full of photos and illustrations.

Legality psilocybin Magic Mushroom culture

Culturing psilocybin magic mushrooms for personal use is legal in the Netherlands. In other countries in Europe, the cultivation of magic mushrooms for personal use is tolerated. Not sure if it's tolerated or legal? Then we always advise you to get well-informed, at a government agency in the country, about the legality of growing a magic mushrooms for personal use.

Order and ship cannabis and magic mushrooms grow books online

Order these books quickly in our headshop us, they'll be sold out before you know it! Once ordered, we will send the encyclopedias at the speed of a bullet. We are also happy to assist you with advice and advice if you have any questions about our products. Send an email with your question to or use our contact form.