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We offer many bongs and water pipes of different sizes and materials. A bong is a pipe partly filled with water and is often used to smoke cannabis. While taking a lift, the hot smoke passes through the adapter or downpipe. The downpipe sticks into the cold water. This cools the smoke and makes it possible to take large hits.


Which Bongs do we sell

Many smoke their cannabis or herbs mixed with tobacco in a joint. A bong can offer a solution because only the herb is burned, and you will experience a much stronger nicotine-free high. The choice is difficult to make. Who offer many bongs or water pipes of different materials, sizes and designs. There are bongs made of glass, acrylic, silicone, and ceramic. Each have their own unique effects and are perfect for parties and parties. The glass bongs or water pipes guarantee a unique taste of your cannabis. They are more expensive and can break, but despite this, they are still the most sought-after bongs in the world. Acrylic bongs are a lot cheaper, easier to clean, and don't break as easily. This makes them ideal to take along. In addition, we also sell water pipes made of silicone with the smoking chamber made of glass. This silicone bong cannot be broken because of its flexibility and is therefore popular.

What is a Bong or Hookah?

A hookah, or popularly called a bong, is specially designed to smoke cannabis or other desirable herbs without having to add tobacco. So you don't need a grinder or other smoking equipment. The bong or water pipe is filled with cold water. The herb is placed in a chillum or in the adapter. You place your mouth on the mouthpiece and keep a fire near the herbs. Often there is also a hole that you have to keep closed when a pull is taken. Keep the fire going with your herbs and take a good hit. The water in the bong or water pipe cools the smoke considerably, enabling the user to take a bigger hit. This leads to a greater increase in THC to the body compared to taking a hit from a joint. Users report that they get much stoner after taking a drag from a bong or water pipe. We would like to mention that a Shisha is not a pipe for smoking cannabis, but is suitable for fruit tobacco.

Glass Bongs

Glass bongs are by far the most popular water pipes on the market. The glass bongs come in many variations. The classic models are the Straight-tube bong, Straight-tube bong round base (straight pipe with convex bottom). The modern bongs often contain 2 to 4 air cooling chambers, the most exclusive being the percolator water pipes. If you opt for a glass percolator bong, you will be able to take a longer hit because the hot smoke is cooled as it passes through several chambers before inhaling. A percolator bong is therefore a bong with several tubes and chambers where the smoke is cooled. So water pipes are of the highest quality and are therefore a lot more expensive than regular bongs. If you don't want to smoke cannabis, you could also use our Cannabis food can try.

Acrylic (plastic) Bongs

An arcyl bong is many times stronger than a glass bong. It is therefore especially the adventurers who often set out who order these water pipes. Robust and easy to clean, these features make this bong ideal for this target audience. The price is also many times lower than that of a glass bong. Blowing a glass bong is a complicated process. You need a craft glassblower for this. These are not cheap.

Silicone Bongs

The silicone bong or water pipe consists of both silicone and glass. These bongs are very strong. This silicone bong is a sturdy and heat-resistant water pipe that is virtually unbreakable. The silicone water pipe is very easy to use and store, this is due to the flexible material of silicone. For that reason, this bong is also very convenient to transport. Which bong or whatever pipe you choose, it is always useful to stash can on hand to store your cannabis.

Ceramic Bongs or water pipes

A ceramic bong or water pipe from work fine, but are mainly made for the eye. Beautiful designs and do not influence the taste of the cannabis, as you experience this more with acrylic or a plastic bong or water pipe. The ceramic water pipes are a lot heavier. These are baked in the oven. Ceramic is a kind of clay pottery.

Smoking cannabis in pipes instead of a Bong or water pipe

A bong is the perfect way to cool down the hot smoke before you inhale it. But besides a water pipe, we also sell glasses or other pipes made of different materials. If you can't make a choice in this category, check out our pipes category!

Buy your water pipe or Bong

Can't make a choice? Not sure which bong or water pipe from our Headshop suits you best? Ask us, and we will try to help you as best we can. You can contact us through our contact form. If you buy a water pipe or bong from us, we will immediately send it to you at the speed of 1 mach after receiving the purchase amount. Of course, we pack the bong or water pipe with great care so that it reaches the entire destination. We will email you a track and trace so that it can be tracked to the front door.