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Cannabis Food

Food that uses hemp and cannabis is becoming increasingly popular. Just think of CBD foods that use cannabidiol. You can order cannabis food online in our webshop.


Meer artikelen laden

Meer artikelen laden

The food trend is CBD edibles 

Edibles in which cannabis, hemp or cannabidiol is processed is becoming increasingly popular. More and more products are made from cannabis or hemp. It is becoming increasingly known that the substances present in cannabis have a positive effect on your body and mind. CBD is one of the many healthy beneficial substances present in hemp or cannabis. Thats why CBD-edibles are getting popular day by day.

CBD edibles foods that won't get you stoned

Even when I was in school you had food that contained cannabis. I still remember weed brownies and space cake well. The difference with today's cannabis food is that space cake does get you stoned, and cannabis or CBD edibles we're talking about don't. There is no THC in it. THC is the ingredient that gets you stoned. THC is prohibited, but we do offer extraction systems for cannabis. With our cannabis or CBD edibles you can enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol, cannabis and hemp without getting stoned. A nice development.

Why should you CBD edibles:  CBD lollipops, Buy CBD cubes, CBD cotton candy, CBD cookies, CBD Gummiebears?

Products containing cannabidiol, also known as CBD, are growing in popularity. They do not contain the psychoactive substance THC. Cannabidiol is in it and that is an ingredient that more and more people believe in. It is rumored that it can relieve the effects of ADHD, rheumatism and, for example, joint pain. That's why more and more people are finding their way to CBD edibles. If you are not a cannabis eater, take a look at our range Shisha's bongs. 

What kinds of CBD edibles or Cannabis foods are available?

In all kinds of foods today, cannabis or CBD processed. This can be candy such as CBD edibles such as: lollipops or cannabis candies, cookies or energy drinks. In addition, you also have cannabidiol foods, better known as CBD foods. It contains other components of the hemp plant. There is CBD honey, CBD tea and CBD chewing gum for sale. All these products will not get you high or stoned. We also offer storage boxes of tight-vac that draws a vacuum when closing, these are able to Keep CBD edibles fresher for longer.

CBD edibles: CBD-Sleep well Gummies

New on the market! DR. Candy Sleep well CBD Melatonin Gummies! Delicious and crazy star shaped gummies with a whopping 10mg of CBD and 0.5mg of melatonin! The soothing properties of CBD combined with Melatonin make these stars can make a good contribution to a good night's sleep! Easy to dose and packed in a handy resealable box.

CBD edibles: CBD lollipop pops, CBD-Cubes, CBD-Leaves, CBD-Sugar Candy, CBD-Gummybears,

In our webshop you will find a lot of CBD-lollypops. These CBD lollipops give you a pleasant taste and contain no THC. So it won't get you stoned. Eat as much as you want, and it won't get you high. However, when you have smoked a joint, it is nice for the tasty appetite that you can get when you suffer from a binge.

CBD Edibles: CBD Cubes, CBD Leaves, CBD Lollipops, CBD Cotton Candy, CBD Gummiebears,

CBD Cubes Contain no sugar but isomalt. Each CBD Cube contains 5 mg of CBD. CBD can be used as a preventative against many ailments. These CBD Cubes are sweet and are available in many flavors. CBD-Cubes do not contain THC, just like the CBD-Lollipops, CBD-Leaves, CBD-Gummiebears or other cannabis edibles.

CBD edibles CBD-Gummiebears, CBD-Cubes, CBD-Lollipops, CBD-Cotton Candy, CBD-Leaves

Gummiebears with CBD who doesn't like them! Many fruit flavors come together in the CBD Gummiebears Mix. Packed in a handy take-away box with an easy closure. This makes it possible to take the CBD Gummiebears at any time of the day. The CBD Gummiebears contain 5 mg of CBD each. This makes the CBD Gummiebears ideal for meeting your daily requirement of CBD. You will not get stoned or high from these candies, but if they are taken in combination with, for example, smoking a joint, they can enhance the high.

CBD edibles: CBD Cotton Candy, CBD Cubes, CBD Lollipops, CBD Gummiebears, CBD Leaves

You don't have to walk around the fair to eat some delicious cotton candy. Now in our range! CBD Cotton Candy for the real sweet tooth! CBD Cotton Candy is very sweet and contains a total of 20mg CBD. CBD Cotton Candy does not contain THC, just like CBD Cubes, CBD Lollipops, CBD Leaves, CBD Gummiebears, CBD Cookies and all other CBD Edilbes in this category. THC is the psychoactive compound in cannabis that gets you high.

CBD edibles: CBD- Leaves, CBD Cubes, CBD Lollipops, CBD Cotton Candy, CBD Gummiebears,

Delicious CBD gummie leaves in the shape of a cannabis leaf. The CBD Leaves contain no less than 10 mg of CBD each! Because of the small size and handy box in which they are packaged, the CBD-Leaves can easily be dosed wherever you are. CBD-Leaves from Dr.Candy come in different flavors to meet everyone's needs. CBD-Leaves do not contain THC, just like the CBD-Cubes, CBD-Lolliepops, CBD-Cotton Candy, CBD-Gummybears, CBD-Cookies and all other CBD-edilbes in this category.

More cannabis products or CBD edibles for the sweet tooth

Have you even more hungry after smoking of a weed or a bong? Then you can choose the cannabis cookies or CBD edibles that we sell in our webshop. Order a few and you will enjoy a delicious combination of flavors. This is the perfect food for your cannabis cravings.

More energy with cannabis energy drinks

Energy drinks are popular in the Netherlands. You know most energy drinks, but none of them contain cannabis. Only cannabis energy drinks contain the good qualities of the cannabis plant. We sell various flavors of cannabis energy drinks and even have a light energy drink for when you're on your line to watch. These cannabis drinks contain no sugar, but they do contain good vitamins.

Buying CBD edibles

Order the CBD edibles you're craving today. The tastiest cannabis candies, CBD lollipops, CBD Cubes, CBD cotton candy, CBD cookies, CBD Gummiebears, Melatonin Gummiebears and many other articles such as souvenirs and gadgets are in our headshop waiting for you. We ship all our orders discreetly and quickly.