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Stash & Storage boxes

Do you want to store your valuables properly? Then you buy stash cans. These stash cans are ideal for hiding money and other valuables. Buy your stash can online.


Meer artikelen laden

Meer artikelen laden

Buy a stash can

Buy a stash can online, and we will deliver it quickly and discreetly to your home. We do not want others to know what you have ordered. This is purely an order for you to store your valuables or personal items such as jewellery, money, long rolling paper and your grinder, psychedelic herbs etc.

Hide your money in a secret box

Hide money is an important theme, especially now that there are rumours that you have to pay interest immediately to put your money in a savings account. Many people have indicated that when that actually happens, people will withdraw their money from the bank and keep it in their home. This is good news for criminals. That is why hiding money is very important. A stash can is an excellent opportunity for this. Nobody thinks to look in that box of Pringles or in a Coke can. The stash cans are there for a reason. They are the ideal way to hide your money.

Stash Can for storing your Microdose capsules

We offer many stash scans of the brand Tightvac where you microdose capsules perfectly. These storage boxes create a vacuum when they are closed. 

Where do people hide their money

Most people look in their own home when they want to hide money. In the fridge, in a book, in the wardrobe, maybe in the nursery or in a shoe. They are all places where people hide their money. Unfortunately, many burglars now know this and your money is still not safe. Digging a double ceiling or a hole in the garden is also often a tip that people give, but many people think this is too much work. A stash can also make it much easier to hide money. Without having to mess up your entire house or garden. Order your stash can online, and you can hide your money almost immediately.

The stash can is an ideal secret storage place

Whatever you want to hide, a stash can is a good place to keep valuables and secrets. People don't think about checking such a stash can. For example, the stash cans that look like foods can easily be placed in the pantry and no one will ever find out that it is hidden in a stash can or that there is money or herbal powder. You can also store your cannabis in a stash can for your bong or water pipe.

You can also take a stash can with you

You know what I really find annoying? When I go to the beach for a day with my son. Then we want to run, jump, swim and build sandcastles. But who will look after the things I have with me? At least I have my car key with me and some money. Where do I hide that? I think a stash can that looks like a Coke can is ideal. No one expects there to be anything valuable in it and so it feels safe to me that no one finds or takes my valuables. That is why stash cans are also called safe cans. After all, they keep your things safe.

Types of storage boxes

There are many different types of stash cans on the market. We have selected the best stash cans for you and included them in our range. This way you increase the chance of keeping your valuables safe. So you see that there are many forms of stash cans. Choose something that you know fits your environment. The advantage of a can of Coke is that it actually fits in every household. A box of fish food is different in that respect. What should someone do with fish food if they have no fish? Stashcan can also be used to store your shisha tobacco or cannabis edibles.

When do you order a storage box?

You can of course wait until the interest rate becomes negative. Everyone will then immediately order stash cans. The problem with this is that they will sell out quickly. The other problem is that when everyone starts withdrawing their money from the bank, a serious problem arises. For every euro that the bank has in a savings account, they borrow about ten times as much. So you then get a serious problem that not everyone can withdraw their money from the bank. The bank simply does not have that money. So be smart and make sure you already get some money, your cryptocurrency securely on a USB stick and store both of them securely. Of course, you keep that money in a stash can.

Stash can order

More and more people are ordering stash cans. They are therefore one of the most popular products in our Headshop. So order your stash can today and keep your valuables safe.