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CBD Crystals


CBD Crystals

With CBD crystals you have a very pure form of cannabidiol. The purity of CBD crystals is often 99% cannabidiol. That makes it very natural and the way to take CBD.

What can you do with CBD crystals?

The advantage of CBD crystals is that you can use it in many different ways. For example, you can simply place the powdered CBD crystals under your tongue and let them melt. Still, much more is possible. CBD crystals can also be used in the preparation of food. This way you can make CBD food yourself. For example, think of smoothies in which you use CBD crystals. In addition, you can also use the CBD crystals with your vaporizer.

Use CBD crystals in your vaporizer

If you want to use CBD crystals in your vaporizer, it is important that you check whether your vaporizer is suitable for this. For example, vaporizers suitable for dry herbs do not work for vaping CBD crystals. An oil can or a liquid pad is therefore necessary. Make sure you do not over heat the CBD crystals. We recommend 175 degrees.

Why use CBD crystals?

As said CBD crystals are easy to use in various products. In addition, the purity is incredibly high and these are immediately two important advantages. The ease of use often comes at the expense of purity, but that is not the case with CBD crystals.

The difference between CBD crystals and CBD oil

The best known form of CBD is CBD oil. However, that does not mean that this is also the best form for taking CBD. This depends entirely on your own preferences. The difference between CBD oil and CBD crystals, however, lies in the purity of the product. CBD oil is a mixture of hemp seed oil and a CBD extract. This while CBD crystals have a purity of 99% in many cases. A version that is many times purer in cannabidiol.

Where do CBD crystals come from?

The CBD crystals you find in the 24High webshop are all produced in Europe under strict laws and regulations. These CBD crystals are therefore completely organically grown and free from pesticides. This is to guarantee the very best quality and to present a 100% natural product.

Do CBD crystals contain THC?

The use of CBD crystals has a purpose and that is a contribution to health. The cannabidiol may come from the hemp plant, but it does not have the intoxicating effect of weed. The difference is that CBD contains little or no THC, and weed does. That's why you don't get high feeling from CBD crystals. They therefore serve a different purpose. Your health is central to the use of CBD crystals and not that you want to be stoned.

The effect of CBD crystals

When you place the CBD crystals under your tongue, the CBD enters your bloodstream immediately. The mucous membranes in your mouth absorb the melting CBD crystals and ensure that they are absorbed into your bloodstream quickly. This allows you to quickly feel the effects of cannabidiol.

In addition, you can use CBD crystals with a vaporizer, as mentioned, in the preparation of food and drinks, but you can also use these rollers in a joint . However, each of these ways works slower than placing the CBD crystal under your tongue.

Effects of CBD crystals

Since CBD crystals are pure and pure, they are also much more effective than other CBD products, such as CBD oil. CBD crystals are therefore used more often by people with specific complaints. Think of insomnia, anxiety attacks, chronic pain or epilepsy. It helps to alleviate these complaints with the correct dosage as we hear from various quarters.

Dosage CBD crystals

The use of CBD crystals differs per person. Consider, for example, body weight. It is therefore advised to start with 10 milligrams. For this, also view the package leaflet of the product that you purchase. Then feel your body well to experience the effects. After about 4 hours you should have a good idea of ​​the effect.

Based on the effect of the CBD crystals you have to decide yourself what you will do with the next use . When you raise, you do this in small steps.