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Brands - Plant of Life


Meer artikelen laden

Meer artikelen laden

Plant-of-Life High quality line Full Spectrum CBD oil

Plant-of-Life has 2 lines of CBD-oils. The Plant-of-Life Full Spectrum and the Plant-of-Remedy CBD-oil. Both are great CBD-products. The difference, however, is in the Full Spectrum. The Plant-of-Life oil is a Full Spectrum because it is extracted by CO2. By extracting the cannabinoids with a cold temperature, you are left with a raw substance full of essential substances that are present in the hemp or cannabis plant. A Full Spectrum is the full spectrum of plant-specific healthy substances. The Plant-of-Remedy is a pure Cannabidiol oil and not a Full Spectrum. The Plant-of-Remedy is all about the substance CBD! The Plant-of-Life CBD-oils contain a huge amount of healthy substances and are therefore of the highest quality.

  • Plant-of-Life Cannabis Oil with MCT Coconut - 10% CBD (1000mg)
  • Plant-of-Life Cannabis Oil - 6% CBD (10 ml)
  • Plant-of-Life Cannabis Oil - 10% CBD (10ml)

plant of life

Plant-or-Remedy CBD oil affordable

Plant-of-Remedy top price quality product. Do you think Plant-of-Life's Full Spectrum CBD-oil is too pricey? Then choose a Cannabidiol oil from the Plant-of-Remedy line! These CBD-bottles contain pure Cannabidiol extracts. This oil does not contain cannabinoids other than Cannabidiol. We offer various brands CBD-producers on. Plant-of-Remedy launches with 4 unique Cannabidiol oils:

  • Plant-of-Remedy with Argan Oil - 15% CBD (1500mg)
  • Plant-of-Remedy with Turmeric Oil - 10% CBD (1000mg)
  • Plant-of-Remedy Cannabis Oil with Olive Oil - 15% CBD (1500mg)
  • Plant-of-Remedy Cannabis Oil - 10% CBD (1000mg)
  • Plant-of-Remedy Cannabis Oil - 15% CBD (1500mg)

plant of remedy

Which Plant-of-Life Cannabidiol products do we sell?

In addition to a full spectrum or a normal CBD-oil, Plant-of-Life offers a huge range of Cannabidiol products. We offer  not only CBD-products from the Plant-of-Life brand. Also, CBD products from Hempcare or Pharmahemp are of unique quality. Below, we will briefly highlight products from Plant-of-Life:

Hash (Solid and Jelly)

Plant-of-Life also sells CBD-hash! This is a natural product with Cannabidiol that can be smoked or vaped. This hash does not contain THC. So you won't get stoned or high from the hash.

CBD or CBG oil and CBG crystals

Cannabigerol (CBG), like CBD, is one of the most important cannabinoids of the cannabis plant. CBG is the first cannabinoid that the cannabis plant produces during growth. All other cannabinoids arise from the substance CBG, such as CBD or THC. CBG is the precursor of all healthy substances in the cannabis plant. The CBD-oils of the brand Pharmahemp are unique and of high quality.


The CBD crystals of Plant-of-Life  are obtained by once again the  CO2 extraction. Cannabidiol crystals are also called CBD-isolate. At 99%, this is the purest form of Cannabidiol. The remaining 1% are traces of other cannabinoids.


Cannabidiol wax is the full spectrum of plant-specific substances in a concentrate. CBD-wax is available in 66% Cannabidiol. The remaining percentages are other cannabinoids that have been extracted. Cannabidiol wax is often used in a DAB bong.

Buy your Plant-of-Life products online!

Do you have any questions before deciding to buy a Plant-of-Life or any other CBD-product such as Landracer tea, please contact us at We will answer your question by email within 24 hours. Of course, it is also possible to ask the question by telephone if you prefer. We will help you as best we can with making the right choice.