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Brands - Hempcare

Hempcare keeps it simple and focus only on CBD oil! Because of this focus they have managed to produce a great product. The development of a product to perfection is what is highly regarded by Hempcare.


High quality Hempcare CBD oil

After years of research, gathering knowledge and gaining experience, three beautiful products of high quality CBD have been created. The Hempcare Ruby and the Raw CBD oil and the soft gel Raw CBD capsules!

The Hempcare Ruby

This variant of reddish CBD oil also contains CBG (Cannabigerol ) and CBN (Cannabinol), these are very important cannabinoids that make a positive contribution to a healthy lifestyle. This powerful 10% CBD oil is a true ruby ​​that is begged to be found.

Hempcare CBD raw

The Hempcare raw variant is more focused on raw CBD ! This oil contains the full spectrum of the hemp plant with the main players CBD and CBDA. This CBD oil is top quality! Consisting of four different extractions that contain all the raw and important elements of cannabinoids! This is nature in a jar!

Hempcare CBD Pearlcaps

Another great product, the Pearlcaps with CBD! These protein-based softgel capsules are 100% natural and carry the active substances that can be compared with the CBD oil Raw. So we are not only talking about CBD but also about cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and phenols. These substances have a very positive effect on the body and mind.

Hempcare Laboratories Test results

Hempcare literally meets the slogan, growing up by staying small! And they have grown up! Hempcare has independent laboratories test the end product and the production process to ensure the quality of their CBD products. This is how they work with batch numbering. This is a series of figures with which you can consult the HPLC analysis of your personal game of CBD. Hempcare cares for you for me and for mother Nature!