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CBD Edibles

According to scientific research, CBD is incredibly healthy for humans. The CBD industry is developing en inventing more and more CBD based products each day. A good example is CBD food. There are now also CBD food items for sale in our webshop. We believe in the natural power of CBD.


Meer artikelen laden

Meer artikelen laden

Which CBD food can you buy at 24High?

At 24High you can buy CBD chewing gum, but also CBD vitamins and CBD honey. With these food items you can record CBD in different ways during the day. We all sometimes eat a chewing gum. Many Dutch people also take a vitamin pill every day. Replace this vitamin pill for a multivitamin pill that contains CBD and you have a new way to take CBD.

What kind of CBD food items are there now, on the market?

CBD appears in more and more foods. For example, you can add the CBD honey that you can buy from us to various dishes. Consider for example an ice cream with CBD honey or delicious in a cup of tea.

In America they go one step further. That in itself is no surprise. For example, there are pigs that eat the remains of hemp plants. This ensures that pigs eat healthier than when they ingest industrially produced food. That way you get a healthier animal and you taste it in the piece of meat that appears on your plate. The pigs that eat hemp plants can be ordered in the restaurant Imperial in Portland.

For example, in New York there are also ice cream parlors that topping their ice cream with CBD olive oil and even a hotel that has prepared a special CBD room service menu. So you see that CBD foodstuffs, also known as CBD edibles, are increasingly emerging.

Why CBD Edibles are gaining ground so much

Apart from being a nice marketing trick for various restaurants and hotels to attract new customers, CBD edibles are also very healthy. So healthy in fact that they can be counted among the superfoods of the world. CBD contain important amino acids. These amino acids are essential for wound healing and repair of the skin, muscles, bones and hair. Amino acids play an important role in the cells in our body and CBD foods can help very well with this.

The difference between CBD Edibles and CBD oil

CBD foods are essentially essentially the same as CBD oil. Both products contain the cannabinoids that come from the powerful hemp plant. At CBD edible, of course, other ingredients have been added to arrive at the end product. However, there is a concrete difference. With CBD edible the cannabinoids first end up in the stomach and therefore it takes more time to absorb the CBD in the body than with the CBD oil.

With CBD foods you have However, again the advantage that you can make delicious dishes with it. The taste of CBD oil is something you have to get used to. For the people that don't like the tase maybe CBD food can help. In this way you can enjoy the power of CBD without being bothered by the taste of CBD oil.

For whom are CBD Edibles intended?

Although CBD foods can be very good at helping you restore your health, they are also just very healthy to prevent disease. The amino acids from CBD foods are also very good for your muscles to recover. That is why they can also play a very large role in people who exercise a lot, such as strength training.

CBD foods can help everyone's health and fitness. However, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is not recommended to use CBD food. In addition, it is wise to safely store CBD food items so that young children do not have access to it. When consuming CBD food always look at the ingredients in the food such as gluten. This can differ per product.

Buy CBD Edibles

In the Netherlands you can buy most CBD edible online. In America there are restaurants, eateries, ice cream parlors and shops that have already fully embraced CBD food. In the Netherlands, however, it is not yet ready. This is the expectation for the coming years. CBD food, eating cannabis and cooking with cannabis are real trends in food that will develop in the coming years.

You can now find CBD Edibles online in smart shops, headshops and some drug stores to order. Think of the CBD honey, CBD chewing gum and CBD multivitamins that you can buy at 24High. When you order CBD food in our webshop you can always expect it to be delivered quickly.

Order and ship CBD Edibles online

The shipment of our CBD edibles products is always done discretely. Although it is completely legal, we believe that you should be able to order your products online in complete anonymity. No matter what the content of your order is.