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Buying CBD oil nowadays can be almost anywhere. In Most cases, however, you can buy CBD oil best online. The CBD webshops often offer you the best quality CBD.


What IS CBD oil?

CBD is an abbreviation that stands for cannabidiol. This substance originates from the hemp plant. Yet the hemp plant is mainly known for the weed that originates from it. From weed you can get high or stoned and that is because of the THC substance. However, CBD is completely different. Of cannabidiol you do not get a stunned feeling. Cannabidiol has a healing effect that is good for, for example, your skin and your health. Cannabidiol is therefore free of THC and completely legal.

How IS CBD oil made?

The production of CBD oil is a complex process. CBD is as previously indicated coming from the hemp plant. CBD, however, is a thick substance, such as a paste. This is mixed with oil to make CBD oil. With which the CBD is mixed is of course important for the quality. This can happen, for example, with hemp seed oil, olive oil.

What IS CBD oil good for?

CBD oil can prevent a lot of health problems and there are even studies that show that it offers relief from discomfort and health problems. In fact, it is scientifically demonstrated that CBD oil can provide relief in the following diseases:

  • cancer pain
  • pain in multiple sclerosis
  • Pain in rheumatic arthritis 
  • pain in chronic bowel inflammation
  • nausea
  • decreased appetite
  • slimming
  • cancer attenuation and AIDS 
  • anti-inflammatory effect on Crohn's disease
  • nausea and vomiting due to medication or radiation in cancer, HIV and AIDS
  • muscle cramps and twitching in multiple sclerosis and spinal cord damage
  • prolonged nerve pain, for example by damaging a nerve orbit, phantom pain, facial pain or chronic pain that persists after curing shingles
  • Tics in Gilles de la Tourette syndrome
  •  therapy resistant glaucoma in Lyme disease
  • there is an indication of the fight against bacteria, viruses and fungi, but not yet an indisputable evidence from scientific research for
  • There is also evidence that it can provide relief in Parkinson's disease

Let us be clear that CBD oil, for example, does not heal cancer. However, it can provide relief in the symptoms of cancer, AIDS and shingles.

In addition, CBD oil can also help you to remedy complaints that are disturbing. For example, consider:

  • sleep problems
  • Stress
  • menstruation
  • inner turmoil
  • despondent
  • during transition
  • gloom
  • irritability
  • rage attacks
  • fungi
  • load of the intestines 
  • aging
  • quit smoking

Different kinds of CBD oil

Nevertheless, NOT every CBD oil is equal to each other. A lot of different substances are extracted from the hemp plant. THC is the most famous because of the well-known weed that is grown with it. Cannabidiol is still relatively new and is indicated as a CBD. However, besides CBD, there are also a lot of substances that look like but are not exactly the same. There is also CBG, CBN and CBDa. These are in some cases also used by producers of CBD oil.

Buying CBD oil

Buying a CBD oil is preferred to do online. The webshops generally give you much more explanation about the use of CBD oil than at drugstores in the shopping street. The employees can also not be able to have sufficient knowledge of each product to advise you appropriately. Buying CBD oil is not yet a daily activity for many people. You can therefore have a lot of questions about the use of CBD oil. We are happy to answer these questions for you.

CBD Oil dosage

When you start using CBD oil for the first time, we recommend starting the first two weeks with 2 drops of CBD oil. During that period it is important to listen to your body well. If you find that you need more CBD then you can increase the dose after that period in small increments. However, be careful that you do this in small steps.

Using CBD Oil

It's easy to use CBD oil. With a pipette you can easily place some drops under your tongue. When this proves difficult you can choose to drip this first on a spoon for example.

Can I become addicted WITH CBD oil?

No, CBD oil is not addictive. The be ï does not, incidentally, also do your daily life like alcohol use or blowen, for example. You can therefore safely start with CBD oil and if it does not work for you or your complaints have disappeared you can easily stop it. Incidentally, it is advisable to continue using CBD oil preventively to prevent the complaints from returning again.

Can anyone USE CBD oil?

The use of CBD oil among pregnant women and lactating women is not recommended. In addition, it is advised to store CBD oil well so that it is prevented from coming into the hands of young children. In the case of medication, it is wise to discuss with the treating physician if CBD oil can affect the medication.

Storing CBD Oil

After buying CBD oil you naturally want to know where you can keep the CBD oil best. You might expect to have it stored in the fridge like so many other products. However, the cold temperature of the refrigerator can make the CBD oil more viscous so that it can no longer be easily dripping. Therefore, store your CBD oil in a dark place that doesn't get hot. For example a tall kitchen cabinet. This also to keep the CBD oil out of the hands of young children.

Buy CBD Oil online

You can order your CBD oil online today at Our webshop has a wide assortment of CBD Oli ë N in stock. Buying CBD Oil Online therefore means fast delivery. 24High always sends the CBD oil directly and discreetly. This way, after buying CBD oil, you can quickly enjoy the benefits of CBD oil.